How to Recover Deleted Videos?



updated on 2018-05-21 to Data Recovery

If you formatted your hard drive, emptied your recycling bin or accidentally deleted your videos "permanently" and did not know what to do, you arrived at the indicated place. It has all happened to us all: unintentionally, we deleted a folder, or someone using the computer deleted your files without knowing they were important, or any similar situation, so we present you a very useful tool. If you wonder how to recover deleted videos, Magoshare has the answer.

Best deleted video recovery software: your best choice

how to recover deleted videos

If you deleted a video and you think there is no hope to recover it, you are wrong, because with the video recovery software you have a second chance to have your videos. These programs recover any type of file that has been recently erased, and are an effective option if you have not saved new information on your hard drive yet. Why? Because every new information that stores increases the chances of losing your video, so if you want to recover deleted videos, do it as soon as you realize they were deleted.

The video recovery software fulfills the function of recovering all deleted videos that you think are lost. We recommend the Magoshare Data Recovery to recover deleted videos, and any other type of file. One of the fastest and easiest data recovery software, with just a couple of easy steps you can have your deleted videos again. Main features of deleted video recovery software:

  • Recover permanently deleted videos.
  • Recover deleted videos due to command + delete, directly deletion, emptying recycle bin.
  • Recover deleted videos from PC/Mac, HDD/SSD, external hard drive, USB, digital camera, memory card, etc.
  • Recover deleted videos from formatted hard drive or device.

Magoshare Data Recovery will completely recover deleted videos from any kind of hard drive or device. It even can help you restore damaged videos. Before you recover deleted videos, just download and install it on your computer.

Guide: restore deleted videos in easy way

Magoshare Data Recovery offers easiest way to recover deleted videos, including MP4, WMV, RM, RMVB, FLV, MKV, MPG, OCG, and other types of videos. Follow the easy steps below, you can easily recover deleted videos.

Step 1: Scan the hard drive to fin deleted videos.

Launch the Magoshare Data Recovery by clicking on its icon. Once opened, select the disk where your videos were stored and press the "Scan" button. Magoshare Data Recovery will start the scan process to search your deleted videos.

how to recover deleted videos

Step 2: Preview and recover deleted videos.

Once the scan is complete, a window with all your videos will appear. Select the videos that you want to recover and click on Recover Now to save the deleted videos.

how to recover deleted videos

And that's how to recover deleted videos using Magoshare Data Recovery. Once the process is finished, you will have access to your videos. It is advisable to back up your units to avoid this kind of problems in the future, although you can always count on Magoshare to recover them. With this guide we demonstrate how easy and fast it is to use Magoshare Data Recovery to recover your videos and any type of file that is deleted.