Magoshare Refund Policy



updated on 2017-07-12 to FAQ

Free Try Before Buy

All of our software and products are offered with free or trial version. Before you purchase our software product, you can freely try the free or trial version. No cost during the test process. It is strongly recommended to try our software before purchasing license code.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

After purchase, you are protected by our 30 days money back guarantee (30-Day Money Back Guarantee). But not all refund requests will be accepted. Refunds will be rejected with the below circumstances. Customers are suggested to read these instructions carefully before applying for refund.

Circumstances of No Refund

1> If a purchase should exceed the product's specified money-back-guarantee period, no refund will be given.

2> A customer has a 'change of mind' after purchase. For example, the users just don't need the product after purchase.

If customers fail to receive the download link and registration code within 1-2 hours after purchasing the product, please email us (to Magoshare will assist you to get the download link and registration code. The refund policy is not applied to this situation.

3> Fail to read the product description before purchasing and thus resulting in dissatisfaction with the product's functioned and/or results. It is highly recommended that every customer read the product description and try the free or free trial version before making their final purchase decision. Magoshare does not refund software if products fail to meet customer's needs due to a lack of understanding by the customer, of the products functions and capabilities.

4> Refund requests will be rejected with customers' malicious purchase-refund or fraudulent purchase etc behaviors.

5> A refund request on the complaint of price will not be accepted.

6> No refund requests will be accepted when customers purchase the wrong product from Magoshare but not the wanted one from other companies.

7> A refund request cannot be accepted due to technical trouble which is refused by customers to cooperate with Magoshare support team in attempts at troubleshooting by declining to offer detailed descriptions and information. Magoshare support team will provide solutions with the description of failed cases and screenshots provided by customers.

8> Refund policy is not applied to the situations when customers are not satisfied with the invoice provided by the purchasing platform or dissatisfied with the customer services provided by the purchasing platform.

9> No refund if the customers purchase the software from unauthorized platform or person.

Accepted Refund Circumstances

1> Purchase of a 'wrong product' from Magoshare. In this case, you can buy a correct Magoshare product again. After this, Magoshare will refund the price of the wrong product for you.

2> Purchase the same product for twice or buy one product repeatedly, Magoshare will refund for you.

3> Customers can be refunded after contacting Magoshare customer service team and receiving no download link and registration code within 48 hours (normally you will see the registration immediately after purchase, and you can download the software on our website).

4> Part or full price will be refund when the product fails to fix your problems and the Magoshare support team is out of solutions for solving your cases within 3 days either though you've got a full understanding of Magoshare products' functions and also purchased a correct product.

Please note that:

1> All refund requests are only supported by Magoshare' authorized buy platform:

2> All refund process will be accomplished by Magoshare will not ask for customers' account or refund for customers individually.

3> You will receive the refund within 7 days. If you have not received refund after 7 days, just contact us again.

4> Once the refund is accepted by Magoshare, you should immediately remove all parts of the Magoshare software from your computer (the registration code will be immediately banned by Magoshare).

Thanks for reading Magoshare' refund policy and your understanding of these terms and conditions. Magoshare hopes your can safely buy and use the products from Magoshare, meanwhile, your rights will also be protected with the greatest efforts offered by Magoshare. If you have any question, just visit our support center >>