Steps Taken To Recover Deleted Photos on Mac after Emptying Trash Bin



updated on 2018-03-15 to Deleted File Recovery Solutions

recover deleted photos on Mac after emptying trash bin

It is natural that most of the users store their vital photos and videos on the hard drive of Mac, for keeping these memories secure. But if anything goes wrong with the normal mechanism of the device and the hard drive of Mac requires formatting or may be completely erased; then the users need not panic at all. They can still recover their stored files from Mac hard drive, but they need to know how to recover deleted photos on Mac after emptying Mac trash bin.

Easy steps to recover deleted photos from emptied Mac trash bin

Keep the Mac hard drive blank – No new file should be stored in the Mac hard drive, unless the deleted photos or videos can be restored. It becomes impossible to get back those deleted files from the hard drive, once any new data is stored there. So the process of recovery should be started immediately after the files are deleted from the hard drive, without starting the use of the erased hard drive again for data storage.

Download the required software – Specific software is needed for recovering all the important deleted photos from the Mac hard drive and ‘Magoshare Data Recovery for Mac' is the best choice in this regard. This Mac data recovery software is capable of restoring the deleted documents, photos, audio and video files, which may be deleted by erasing or formatting of the Mac hard drive. This software is also effective in the recovery of the deleted photos from USB flash drive and Memory card as well.

recover deleted photos on Mac after emptying trash bin

Scan the erased Mac hard drive – The Mac hard drive where the photos are deleted should be selected as the primary step of recovery of lost photos. Once this hard drive is selected, then the ‘Scan' button should be clicked on the screen, for full scanning of this erased Mac hard drive. This scanning is essential to spot the apparently deleted files on this hard drive and the scanning process should not be stopped till it is automatically over.

recover deleted photos on Mac after emptying trash bin

Check and restore the required data – Once the scanning is over, this ‘Magoshare Data Recovery for Mac' software will show all the deleted photos and videos on the scanned Mac hard drive. All these files should be previewed carefully to shortlist the ones that are needed to be restored back on the hard drive. The photos can be opened to find out their sound and picture quality, before opting for their recovery. All the documentary, audio and video files should be selected for recovery, by clicking on each of them. Finally, the button ‘Recover Now' should be clicked for restoring back the selected files on that erased Mac hard drive or may be shifted to any secondary hard drive.

recover deleted photos on Mac after emptying trash bin

Hence, now it has become very easy to restore the deleted photos from the Mac hard drive after emptying the trash bin. This above-mentioned software and this simple process can restore the lost photos from any other kinds of computer hardware as well and thus, people do not need to be sorry about losing any photo uploaded in the computer.