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How to Hide Photos on Mac?



updated on 2022-08-03 to How To

Do you want to use the Photos app or the Finder to hide personal pictures on a Mac? Here are other methods for hiding photos in a hidden album and locking photos on a Mac using a free program. The Mac's Photos app has undergone excessive UI, feature, and speed improvement.

Here, we demonstrate how to use the Photo app's unhide/hide function, which is one of its key features. Try this hidden but useful function for all private images in 2 Ways if you are not using any third-party applications for security considerations, such as concealing photos or not having faith in third-party apps. Certain images are for your sight only, but Apple Photos is a great way to take, save, store, and spread your photos with your family and friends, even as your Apple TV saver. Thankfully, there is a simple method to conceal them so they won't surface suddenly.

You may conceal images using your iPhone, iPad, or Mac, and the process is essentially the same on all three devices.

Hiding photos on Mac

Activate the Photos app.

Choose the image or images that you want to conceal.

Select Hide with the right or control-click.

Alternatively, you may utilize the menu bar and choose Image > Hide Photo.

Verify that you wish to conceal the image.

The images will subsequently be placed in a secret album named Hidden by Apple. If you utilize iCloud photographs, which we assume you do because you discovered this how-to, the modifications will be reflected on all of your devices. A photo that is hidden on your Mac will also be hidden on your iPhone and the other way around.

The most recent iOS version includes a similar photo concealing capability. Although some people consider these capabilities silly, they are useful when unauthorized individuals attempt to browse your Photos in previews or search the entire album on a Mac.

On a Mac, how to access the Hidden album? Here's what you have to do to view the contents of your Hidden album: "Show Hidden Photo Album" may be found by selecting the View option from the menu bar. To access the Hidden album, click on it on the sidebar.

Hide Photos on Mac

Last but not least, you can always unhide a photo by visiting the hidden album, using the identical instructions you used to hide it, but this time selecting "Unhide" to remove it from the album.

The most recent iOS version includes a similar photo concealing capability. Although some people consider these capabilities silly, they are useful when unauthorized individuals attempt to browse your Photos in previews or search the entire album on a Mac.

How to PIN-lock Hidden Photos on a Mac's Finder?

Here are several other methods for using a security PIN lock to conceal photos from Finder on a Mac. That is a more effective method of hiding photographs from Mac than the secret album function in the Photos app. Secure Photos and Videos Using Pin Lock without Adding Photos to the Hidden Album.

Open the F-Vault app on your Mac and download it there.

Next, enter your recovery email for a forgotten password and create a new lock PIN.

F-Vault Secure Dashboard is seen here. Drag documents, photos, or videos into F-Vault, then secure them. Here is the second alternative option for managing folders. Make a new folder or add anything to an existing one.

Your app will now prompt you to remove the original photo from Finder when you export your photos to it.

Close this app and relaunch it whenever you need access.

Photos in Finder on a Mac

Take the actions listed below to The F-Vault program on a Mac lets you see or export hidden photographs.

To access all concealed photographs on a Mac, use the F-Vault app and input your pin.

Choose Photos and then choose "Export to Finder" from the context menu. I'm done now.

Choose a place in the Finder and save it to the Mac finder.

Hide Photos on Mac

You are done now.

Most individuals like taking pictures to capture special moments. They can recall their activities and emotions while participating in the event by having images of it. Those who use Apple products frequently use iCloud to save their images. They may thus examine the earlier iPhone images they took when they accessed their photos on their Mac. They don't always want to erase the photographs that show on their Mac, but they also don't always want to see them. We might propose concealing the images as an alternative method.

Added picture capabilities in macOS Sierra are really helpful as well.

Facial Recognition: To create a collection of photographs, the photo library automatically looks through all images that include the item.

Add Persons and Labeling: Use the "Add People" functionality to add people manually.

Memories: Use Memories' automatic creation of videos or its customizable settings. Locations: Display images of locations you've photographed on maps.

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