Deleted/Lost HD Videos Recovery on Mac



updated on 2018-03-19 to Mac Data Recovery Solutions

Unintentionally delete a HD video file from your Mac's hard drive is something that can happen to anyone, regardless of the number of years of experience in front of a Mac computer. But not everything is lost, thanks to the use of some data recovery tools it is possible to restore HD videos from Mac hard disk easily and quickly. In this article, we will show you how to recover deleted or lost HD videos from HDD/SSD, Mac computer, USB flash drive, memory card, and external hard drive under Mac OS.

restore HD videos from Mac

If you delete the trash bin of your Mac with an important video, formatted your hard drive or your Mac presented a failure and for some reasons you lost your HD video files, the first thing you should do is avoid saving additional information on your hard drive because that lead up to big possibilities of losing your HD video files forever. It is advisable to have another hard drive, partition or external disk at the moment of recovering your videos since it increases the chances of getting them restored without any problem.

HD Video Recovery Software for Mac

Yes. The best method to recover deleted or lost HD videos on Mac is HD Video recovery software for Mac. The key for recovery the HD videos on Mac is finding reliable and easy-to-use Mac HD video recovery software. Here, we recommend you to use Magoshare Data Recovery for Mac to recover HD videos on Mac.

Key features of Mac video recovery software:

  • Easily recover permanently deleted HD videos on Mac even the trash bin has been emptied.
  • Recover all lost HD videos from Mac from formatted, erased or inaccessible hard drive/device.
  • Recover HD videos on Mac due to reinstalling OS, upgrading OS, virus attacking, logical error, etc.
  • Recover lost HD videos from Mac hard drive, external hard drive, memory card, USB flash drive, digital camcorder, etc.

Now what? Once you have chosen the software to recover the HD video files, just download and install it on your Mac. According to the number of HD videos or files that you want to recover, the Mac HD recovery software usually takes a few minutes to a couple of hours. Remember, the best option to save your HD videos files is on an external hard drive or another partition, as this will increase the chances of recovering your files.

How to Recover HD Videos on Mac?

Now, you can start recovery the HD videos on your Mac. Magoshare Data Recovery for Mac is a complete DIY data recovery tool. You don't need any pro skill or data recovery experience. Just open the software on your Mac, you can easily recover all deleted/lost HD videos on Mac.

Step 1: Select the hard drive to scan.

Now, runMagoshare Data Recovery for Mac from Launchpad. Then select the hard drive where you lose your HD videos. Click on "Scan" button. This software will deeply scan the selected hard drive and find all lost HD videos.

restore HD videos from Mac

Step 2: Preview and recover deleted/lost HD videos.

After scanning, the software will list all the HD videos on your Mac. Just select the HD videos you want to recover, click on "Recover Now" button to save these HD videos.

restore HD videos from Mac

Only takes 2 steps, you can completely recover lost HD videos on Mac or from external device. This powerful Mac HD video recovery software is so easy to use. Any of us can easily get lost files back with this data recovery software.