How to Recover Lost Data from PNY SD Card?



updated on 2019-06-17 to Removable Device Data Recovery

PNY SD Cards are made by an American manufacturer known as PNY Technologies, which focuses on flash memory cards, USB flash drives, solid state drives, portable battery chargers, cables, adapters, among others. PNY SD cards are excellent for photography and HD video. These products offer a great performance and quality, which make them reliable and recommended, so people decide to use them to store and also backup their files. Sometimes, these files can be deleted or lost by several circumstances like for instance virus attack, formatted device, system crash, misuse, damaged device, or any other issue. It may be a worrying experience, though this information can be retrieved if we have a great help like using Magoshare Data Recovery, which is a great data recovery software.

How to recover lost data from PNY SD Card?

Recovering lost data from PNY SD Card may be very simple, though it seems something impossible. It is normal to feel very worried about this situation, but this is not the end of our files; we can recover them using a reliable PNY SD card data recovery software. It is true that there is a wide variety of programs targeted at solving this issue, so we have decided to help you choose one of the best alternatives and it is Magoshare Data Recovery.

This PNY SD card data recovery software can be installed on both PC and Mac. It means you can recover lost data from PNY SD with this DIY data recovery software. It not only can recover deleted files from PNY SD, but it also can recover lost data from PNY SD due to formatting, file system crash, water damage, logical error, etc. It even can help you export data from inaccessible or damaged PNY SD.

Now, just follow the steps below to recover lost data from PNY SD.

Step 1: Choose the location to be scanned.

Then, we need to select the PNY SD Card as the location to be scanned in order to find all the recoverable files.

recover lost data from PNY SD card

Step 2: Scan the PNY SD Card.

Once we have selected the location, Magoshare will begin to scan the PNY SD Card. We have to click on the "Scan" button and wait until the scanning phase is completed.

recover lost data from PNY SD card

Step 3: Preview and recover lost data from PNY SD Card.

Once the scanning is over, we can preview and select all the files we need. We have to click on the "Recover Now" button to save these files.

recover lost data from PNY SD card

Using Magoshare Data Recovery Software is very easy as we could see above, so there is no need to be so worried or upset. It is recommended having a backup with our most important files to avoid dealing with bad worrying experiences like losing such files.