Recover Lost Data from MP3 Player on PC/Mac



updated on 2019-05-18 to Removable Device Data Recovery

recover lost data from MP3 player

Through this guide we will show you an easy way to recover lost data from MP3 player using a great MP3 player data recovery software. This electronic device can play digital audio files and it is very common because almost all players can play that format, thought there are many other audio formats. There is a wide variety of programs targeted at retrieving lost files and it could make this choice process very complicated, so we will help you choose one of the best options and it is Magoshare Data Recovery. This MP3 player data recovery software is 100% recommended by many users since it is very easy to use and reliable as well.

Download MP3 player data recovery software

It is very common to lose important files from MP3 player, USB flash drives, hard drives, or any other electronic device. Many of these are used to store relevant data, so it may seem horrible when losing them, but this information is not gone forever; it remains somewhere and we can get it back if we use a good data recovery software like Magoshare Data Recovery, which is highly recommended as it was stated previously. Before showing you how to recover lost files using Magoshare Data Recovery, let us describe this program.

Magoshare Data Recovery is compatible with Windows and Mac and it is considered as a powerful option to retrieve lost data since the recovery process is very simple and reliable. It is useful for recovering lost, deleted, formatted, damaged or inaccessible files. We can recover all types of files such as photos, music files, audios, videos, images, PDF files, Word documents, messages, contacts, notes, and others.

Easy steps to recover lost data from MP3 player

Sometimes, people think this is the end of their files, but there is still a chance to get them back. This recovery process is very simple and we only have to follow these steps:

Step 1: Connect the MP3 player with your computer.

Connect the MP3 player to your computer via USB cable. Then run Magoshare Data Recovery on your computer. It will list the MP3 player on the first interface. Just choose the MP3 player to start data recovery.

recover lost data from MP3 player

Step 2: Scan the MP3 player.

Click on "Scan" button. Magoshare Data Recovery will deeply scan the MP3 player and find every recoverable file.

recover lost data from MP3 player

Step 3: Preview and recover lost files from MP3 player.

Once the scan is completed, you can freely preview the recoverable file. Then select and recover desirable files.

recover lost data from MP3 player

Magoshare Data Recovery offers deep scan mode. It can scan the MP3 player deeply and find all lost files even the files were deleted a few years ago. More about this MP3 player data recovery software:

  • Recover deleted files from MP3 player.
  • Recover lost files from erased, formatted or reformatted MP3 player.
  • Recover lost data from MP3 player due to logical error, virus infection, power failure, file system crash, etc.
  • Export all data from inaccessible MP3 player.
  • Recover water-damaged MP3 player.

So, if you want to recover lost data from MP3 player, just free download this free MP3 player data recovery software here: