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updated on 2017-11-06 to Data Erasure

How to permanently erase data on a hard drive partition? Hard drive partition data wiper is the best choice. Hard drive partition wiper can help you erase the data on the hard drive partition and overwrite the disk space with zero or random data to avoid data recovery. In this article, we will introduce three hard drive partition wiper for you to permanently erase data.

3 hard drive partition data wipers

1. AweEraser (Windows & Mac)

AweEraser is excellent hard drive partition wiper. It can help you permanently erase files and folders, wipe hard drive partition, erase free disk space. Here are the three data erasure tools of AweEraser.

Tool 1: hard drive partition file shredder

This tool allows you to permanently erase targeted files and folders from hard drive partition or storage media device.

hard drive partition wiper

Tool 2: hard drive partition wiper

This tool allows you to wipe entire hard drive partition to destroy all data. Once your hard drive partition is erased by this tool, no trace left. All data will be gone forever.

hard drive partition wiper

Tool 3: free disk space wiper

The deleted or formatted data is stored on the unused disk space. This tool will erase the unused disk space and permanently erase already deleted/formatted data.

hard drive partition wiper

2. CCleaner (Windows)

CCleaner, the famous system optimization utility, also offers reliable data erasure solution. It can wipe hard drive on Windows PC. And this tool also can wipe free disk space of hard drive partition to erase already deleted data. Open CCleaner, go to Tools > Drive Wiper, select "Free Space Only" for wipe, then the overwrite method and finally the drive that you want to wipe.

hard drive partition wiper

3. Super Eraser (Windows & Mac)

Super Eraser is another excellent hard drive partition wiper and file shredder. It can securely delete files from hard drive partition. It also can erase entire hard drive partition to kill all data dead. Super Eraser can securely erase free disk space to permanently erase already deleted data.

hard drive partition wiper

The three hard drive partition data wipers above can securely wipe your private data from hard drive partition. They also can help you erase data from USB flash drive, memory card, digital camera, external hard drive, etc. The hard drive partition wiper also can wipe data from SSD. Can the hard drive partition wiper erase data from inaccessible or crashed hard drive partition? The answer is YES. AweEraser can help you securely wipe crashed or inaccessible hard drive partition.

It is strongly recommended to wipe all private on hard drive partition before you resell or donate your hard disk drive. However, you should back up important data before you wipe your hard drive partition. Once the data is erased by hard drive partition wiper, the data will be permanently lost.