Ontrack Data Erasure Software Alternative for Windows/Mac OS



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Do you need to get an Ontrack data erasure solution? Ontrack is considered as one of the best solutions for those users who need to recover any data. So, if you do not want other people recover data on your device, it is better to be sure these files go forever. But, how can we do that? Here, we will show you to permanently delete all kinds of data, including photos, videos, contacts, notes, e-mails, word documents, PDF files, music files, images, and others. These files could be stored in different storage media such as digital cameras, USB flash drives, laptops, smartphones, tablets, memory cards, local and external hard drives, etc. Here, we will suggest using AweEraser, which is an excellent data erasure.

Ontrack data erasure software alternative for Windows/Mac

Maybe, people ask about the best Ontrack data erasure solution. Here, we will introduce a great data erasure known as AweEraser, which is highly recommended and it is very reliable. If you choose using it, you will permanently delete files in a very simple way. This is a great option if you do not want other people to access your data. Users often store a lot of important information about work, bank accounts, downloads, books, business, projects, private files, and more. The thing is that if you want to sell, donate or throw your device or computer away, it is necessary to protect these data.

It is true that many people can recover files using great data recovery programs, so it is better to delete them permanently so that nobody can access this information. Of course, it is recommended making a data backup before permanently deletion. But, how can we erase files forever? Just follow these steps:

Step 1: Download and install AweEraser on the computer.

The first thing you have to do is downloading and installing AweEraser on the computer. It is fully compatible with Windows and Mac OS. Then, run this software on the computer to get started.

Step 2: Make a data backup.

Making a data backup is just a recommendation we give you. Once you permanently delete your files, they cannot be retrieved for future uses.

Step 3: Permanently erase data on hard drive.

Here, you are ready to begin to permanently erase data on your device. AweEraser data erasure offers three different modes. Just choose the one you consider the most convenient for you.

Mode 1: Erase some particular files

The first mode is good to permanently erase some particular files. Just select the files you want to delete in a permanent way and AweEraser will do it.

Ontrack Data Erasure Software Alternative for Windows/Mac OS

Mode 2: Erase an entire hard drive

This second option is more drastic. Here, you can permanently all data stored on the hard drive or device.

Ontrack Data Erasure Software Alternative for Windows/Mac OS

Mode 3: Erase already deleted files on hard drive

Finally, AweEraser allows you to erase already deleted data so that other people cannot recover your deleted files.

Ontrack Data Erasure Software Alternative for Windows/Mac OS

AweEraser data erasure is a great Ontrack data erasure alternative. It can help you securely and permanently erase data from any hard drive or storage device. It is fully compatible with Windows and Mac OS. Free download it.