How to Permanently Shred Files from USB Flash Drive?



updated on 2017-11-06 to Data Erasure

When you click "delete" to expel a document from a USB flash drive, it truly isn't gone; at any rate not immediately. Deleted documents can for the most part be recovered by common data recovery program until the point when they are overwritten with new data. When you safely eradicate a document or organizer, the eradicated data is overwritten (some of the time a few times over) with garbage data that makes recovering the deleted files impossible. Whether Windows or Mac can't directly do the job. Special data eraser is necessary when you need permanently shred files from USB flash drive.

Two tools to help permanently shred USB flash drive files

In order to permanently delete or shred files on USB flash drive, you need special data eraser software. Here are two secure and easy-to-use tools to help you easily and permanently shred files from USB flash drive.

1. AweCleaner

AweCleaner offers file shredder to help in permanently destroying files or folders from hard drive, and storage media device. Just use the file shredder to help you permanently shred files from USB flash drive.

shred files from USB flash drive files

2. AweEraser

AweEraser is a comprehensive data eraser. It offers military data erasure standards to permanently erase targeted data. It offers three options to erase data. If you want to permanently shred files from USB flash drive, you can choose one of the options to help you erase your data.

Option 1: shred files/folders on USB flash drive.

This option allows you to erase targeted files or folders from USB flash drive. Just launch AweEraser on your computer, then add files or folders for erasure. AweEraser will permanently shred the files or folders on your USB flash drive. Once the files are shredded by AweEraser, they are lost forever, can't be recovered by any data recovery software.

shred files from USB flash drive files

Option 2: erase USB flash drive to shred all files.

If you want to shred all existing data or history data on the USB flash drive, you can use this option to erase your USB flash drive. AweEraser will erase the entire the USB flash drive to permanently shred all data information on the device. Whether the existing data or already deleted/formatted data on the USB flash drive will be permanently erased.

shred files from USB flash drive files

Option 3: shred already deleted/formatted data.

If you want to permanently shred already deleted/formatted data on USB flash drive, this option is perfect for you. It only shred the already deleted or lost files on the USB flash drive without affecting the existing data.

shred files from USB flash drive files

AweEraser is award-winning data erasure software and has the ability to erase data from hard drive, USB flash drive, memory card and other devices. As you've seen, it is pretty simple to use. When you are going to sell, donate, giveaway or lend your USB flash drive to other people, you can use this powerful data eraser to permanently shred your private data or documents. Once the data on your USB flash drive is erased, the erased data is lost forever.

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