How to Reformat an SD Card?



updated on 2017-12-25 to Data Erasure

reformat SD card

Do you want to make your SD cards completely clean like the first day? Or you want to make the entire contents of an SD card completely unrecoverable? Reformat the SD card! It is the secure solution to help you recycle your SD card. And, today, we will talk about an easy yet efficient solution to help you reformat SD card and permanently erase all data information on the SD card, beyond the scope of data recovery.

SD card reformat tool

AweEraser is a powerful reformatting tool and data erasure tool which can help you reformat SD card in an easy way, and permanently wipe data information from the SD card to avoid data recovery. It offers both Windows version and Mac version. You can reformat a SD card on PC, also can reformat a SD card on Mac.

Below are easy steps on how to reformat your SD card with AweEraser

Step 1: Connect the SD Card with your Computer.

Insert your SD card into an SD card adapter or a reader compatible with your SD card. For example, if you have a SanDisk SD card, you should have an SD adapter that was supplied to you at the same time. The adapter looks like a conventional SD card, with a slot underneath to insert the SD card. Then connect the SD card with your computer via card reader or USB cable.

Step 2: Back up your important data.

Before reformatting your SD card, back up the important data to another hard drive. It is very important because once the SD card is reformatted by AweEraser, all the data on the SD card will be erased permanently. However, if the data on the SD card is useless to you, just skip this step.

Step 3: Run AweEraser on your computer.

Run AweEraser on your computer. Choose this mode "Erase Hard Drive". AweEraser will automatically show all hard drives and external devices on your computer.

reformat SD card

Step 4: Reformat the SD card.

Select your SD card, and click on "Erase" button. AweEraser will help you reformat the SD card and permanently erase all data on the SD card. Then reopen your SD card on your computer, and format it again.

Before you reformat the SD card, you also can change the data erasure algorithms. AweEraser offers 5 certified data erasure algorithms: HMG Infosec Standard 5 (1 pass), German FOFIS (2 passes), DOD 5220.22-M (3 passes), U.S. Army AR380-19 (7 passes), Peter Gutmann's algorithm (35 passes).

Once the SD card is reformatted by AweEraser, all the data on the SD card will be permanently erased. Then the SD card is able be reused, recycled, abandoned, or donated to other people.

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