Top 5 File Shredder



updated on 2017-11-06 to Data Erasure

Have you ever thought of your files stored on your computer could fall into the wrong hands? For you to keep your data safe and secured, you need to make use of what is called "File Shredder tools". These tools are highly used by people to remove a piece of information from their computers. It is important you secure your sensitive data, no matter where you keep it. So, therefore, try as much as possible to shred files on your computer the same way you always shred your bank statement.

Though there are all different types of shred file applications around us, but not all of them give you the desired results. To help you get the right result, I decide to come up with free and very popular top 5 file shredder software programs that will aid you on many occasions when cleaning data from your computer.

Top 5 File Shredder

Below are the very free and popular top 5 list of File Shredder tools you can make use of to secure your sensitive data on your computer.


This tool called "AweEraser" is an open source file shredder tool that is freely available for anybody to make use to secure their data. With this tool you can use it to erase an entire hard drive on your computer or simply pick the kind of data files that you wish to erase. The tool has different kinds of eraser methods users can pick from. With this tool it is easy to wipe out an entire drive with just one click. The tool is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 and Mac OS 10.13, 10.12, 10.11, 10.10, 10.9, 10.8, 10.7, etc.

top 5 file shredder


If you are looking for easy drag and drop option plus a quick and easy file shredder solution, then you should give this freely available tool called "Freeraser" a try. It is available in portable app version. If you like, you can decide to install this software on your computer or just get its portable version as well. It is fully compatible with Windows XP and Windows 10.

Secure Eraser

Just as the name suggests, it provides a secure and unfailing file eraser option. This tool is easy to use and highly effective. Although the tool has a free trial app version that provides basic operations, you will be reminded to download the full version when you installed on your computer.

Free File Shredder

Free File Shredder is another popular advanced and sophisticated algorithms data eraser tool that can be used without any trouble. This tool supports a drop and drag feature plus it is compact and lightweight tool with lots of features that can be used to delete selective folders or wipe an entire disk.

PC Shredder

PC Shredder is a sophisticated and compact and lightweight freely available file shredder that is designed specifically for Windows system. It can perform multiple passes. It can as well erase the data of your choice in a seamless manner.

In conclusion, now that you have seen the top 5 leading file shredder tools, try to choose the one you think is suitable for you most.