How to Recover Deleted ZIP/RAR Documents?



updated on 2018-04-20 to Data Recovery

Deleting a file by mistake will always generate a headache for users, especially if the file is permanently deleted. This can happen with any type of file and on any device, no matter how many years of experience you have in front of a computer: you make a mistake clicking and the file is deleted. Today we will show you how to recover deleted ZIP / RAR documents in Windows or Mac OS.

Deleted ZIP/RAR documents recovery software

We currently live in the era of digital: smartphones, tablets, drones, operating systems, and other devices that improve our quality of life. But, for all these electronic devices to work, it is necessary that they have a space in which to store the data. These storage systems are vulnerable to failures, so the information can be lost at any time.

In the past, if a file was deleted from a storage device, it could be considered lost, but thanks to the new software specialized in file recovery, you can relax a little bit. These programs are responsible for retrieving information that previously believed lost.

Not all data recovery programs work the same. Some are more powerful, others faster and you can get some that do not do the job properly, that's why today we recommend Magoshare Data Recovery, the best file recovery program. It can easily and completely recover deleted ZIP/RAR from PC, Mac, hard drive, external hard drive, USB flash drive, memory card, etc. It even can help you export ZIP/RAR documents from inaccessible hard drive or deleted hard drive partition.

Three steps to recover deleted ZIP/RAR documents

For example, if you have a ZIP/RAR file that you just deleted, we can recover it using the Magoshare Data Recovery. How can we do that? Below is a guide on how to recover deleted ZIP/RAR documents, step by step.

Step 1: Download Magoshare Data Recovery software. You can install it on your PC or Mac. If you want to recover deleted ZIP/RAR documents from USB flash drive or other external device, just connect with your PC/Mac.

Step 2: Install and run the Magoshare Data Recovery. It will quickly show you all hard drives and external devices on your computer.

recover deleted ZIP/RAR documents

Step 3: Select and scan. In this step you will need to select the partition, disk, external device or anywhere your ZIP/RAR document was located. Once selected, press Scan.

recover deleted ZIP/RAR documents

Step 4: Preview and recover. Once the scan is finished, you will be able to see your deleted files. So, if you want to recover a deleted ZIP/RAR file, just select the file or files that you want to recover and click on “Recover Now” button.

recover deleted ZIP/RAR documents

That’s how to recover deleted ZIP/RAR documents. Magoshare Data Recovery can recover all your deleted ZIP/RAR files. It also can help you recover damaged ZIP/RAR documents from any kind of hard drive or device. With deep scan mode, this software can find every lost ZIP/RAR file on your hard drive or device. Just download and run it to scan your hard drive or device.