Easy Way to Recover Deleted Videos on Mac



updated on 2017-08-01 to Deleted File Recovery Solutions

Easy Way to Recover Deleted Videos on Mac

In most cases, when you delete a video on Mac, the video will be moved into trash bin. If you have not emptied the trash bin, you can easily put back the deleted video to original location. However, sometimes, the video will be directly deleted after you click Deletion. For instance, when you delete a 4GB video file, it will not be moved into trash bin, just disappear from your Mac directly. And, if you have emptied the trash bin, how can you recover the deleted videos? All these questions about deleted video recovery on Mac can be resolved by Mac deleted video recovery software.

How to losslessly recover deleted videos or HD videos from Mac hard drive? Don't worry, you can download the Mac deleted video recovery software – Magoshare Data Recovery for Mac to get your lost videos back.

With Magoshare Data Recovery for Mac, you're ready to effortlessly recover deleted videos on Mac. First of all, just download and install it on your Mac computer. Then run it, you will see the clean interface.

2 steps to recover deleted videos on Mac

Magoshare Data Recovery for Mac offers the easiest solution to recover deleted videos from Mac hard drive. It can recover all types of videos like films, rmvb, wmv, mpeg, avi, rm, asf, mov, mp4, mp3, flv, etc. It takes only 2 simple steps to completely recover deleted Mac videos.

Step 1: Select the location to scan.

Where you delete your videos? Just select the hard drive where your videos are lost. Then click on "Scan" button to scan the hard drive to find deleted videos.

Easy Way to Recover Deleted Videos on Mac

Step 2: Recover Deleted Videos on Mac.

When the scan is complete, all the recoverable files will be listed on the interface by file type. You can preview the videos. After finding the lost videos, just select them and click on "Recover Now" button to save them to your Mac.

Easy Way to Recover Deleted Videos on Mac

Magoshare Data Recovery for Mac deeply scans your hard drive and finds the deleted videos. The recovery process is 100% safe and it will not lower the resolution of lost videos. You will get the 100% original videos. If the recovered videos can't be opened, just try to scan your hard drive again and save all the recoverable videos that have the same file extension with your deleted videos. Then check all the videos, you will find the lost videos you want.

Tips for Mac deleted video recovery

At the point when videos are deleted, the system will remove the entry of the videos and mark the disk space of the deleted videos "available for reuse". Be that as it may, on the off chance that they're overwritten by new data, they'll be completely evacuated and unfit to be reestablished. This is the reason you have opportunity to recover lost videos from Mac. To build the conceivably of recuperation, you would do well to quit utilizing the drive as fast as possible.

In addition, don't save the recovered videos to the hard drive where you lose them in case that the saved data will overwrite the disk space of the lost videos. After you confirm that you have get all deleted videos back, you can copy the videos to the original location.