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Mac Partition Recovery

Normally, there is only one partition – Mac HD on your Mac. But, when you have partitioned your hard drive with disk utility or Mac disk management software, there will be more than one partition on your Mac. It would be a disaster when a partition on your Mac gets deleted or lost without any backup. For instance, one of your partitions is deleted by a third-party disk manager application by mistake, what should you do? You accept the fact that your data is gone or try your best to find a reliable Mac partition recovery solution?

Fortunately, Mac partition recovery software can rescue your data from deleted/lost Mac partitions. Mac partition recovery software can completely recover deleted/lost partition under Mac OS. It can export all data from inaccessible or missing Mac hard drive partition or external hard drive partition. Here, we recommend try this Mac partition recovery software – Magoshare Data Recovery for Mac.

Mac Partition Recovery Software User Guide

This Mac partition recovery software is pretty simple to use. When a partition in your Mac system gets deleted or lost, don't put new data to your hard drive in case that the new data would overwrite the disk space of lost data. Mac partition recovery software can help you easily and completely recover deleted/lost Mac partition. You just need to install it on your Mac. Then run it to scan your whole Mac system to find deleted/lost partition. Here are the steps.

Step 1: Scan deleted/lost Mac partition.

Run Mac partition recovery software on your Mac. It will scan and list all existing partitions and lost partitions on your Mac. Select the lost partition and click on "Scan" button.

Mac partition recovery software

Step 2: Recover files from deleted/lost partition.

When the scan is complete, preview and recover the files you want. The deep scan will find all files in the deleted/lost partition. You will not miss any recoverable file.

Mac partition recovery software

When the partition on your Mac gets deleted or lost, the data into the deleted/lost partition is not permanently lost. The system will mark the disk space of the data as being available for new data. Before the disk space of the lost data is completely overwritten by new data, you have the good chance to recover lost data back. Mac partition recovery software has the power to scan the whole system and find the deleted/lost partition on your Mac. Then you just let the Mac partition recovery software to scan the deleted/lost Mac partition and recover all your lost data.

Some Mac users lose hard drive partition after upgrading to new macOS. It is not normal, but it can be resolved. Mac partition recovery software can help you bring the lost partition back. This Mac partition recovery software is pretty simple to use and 100% safe. You can download it here and run it to recover lost partition on your Mac. It also can help you export all data from crashed or inaccessible Mac hard drive partition.