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24-01-12 20:33:36

clone disks

by Charles CMD

I tried to clone my local disk to an external SSD. AweClone is the one I just need, it quickly move the data including apps, user files and Windows os to the external SSD. Very fast.

23-01-24 17:06:39

windows 11 PC

by Charles

I wanna a software can help me clone Windows 11 to a bootable external disk. AweClone gives a fast clone and all is perfect.

20-07-23 17:18:47

Cost effective

by Lance MENG

We need a disk cloning tool for 50 PCs, AweCone is very easy to use and offers the best price for us. Highly recoomended.

20-04-30 18:13:33

Great tool

by Macris

Works perfectly.

19-09-24 13:53:52

Hard drive clone

by Serena

Works great. When cloning a 4TB hard drive to a new hard drive, works fast.

19-07-25 22:54:27

Fast cloning speed

by Luke Fisher

When I use it to clone a hard drive, it is quick.

19-05-05 17:44:53

Very easy to use

by Jack

I want to clone a hard drive partition to external hard drive. AweClone works great, it is very simple to use. I will recommend it to my friends.

18-10-16 20:55:39

Clone hard drive

by Teddy

We have more than 100PCs, AweClone shows the easy way to clone hard drive between these PCs. Highly Recommended.

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