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21-07-09 11:06:06

Best Mac uninstaller


It works great on all my Mac machines, it even supports to uninstall crashed apps.

21-02-04 14:52:11

Great software

by Chengyonglai

Thank you, it is better than many paid uninstaller.

20-11-13 16:13:46

best uninstaller for macos big sur

by Nico

Thanks so so much! It works great on macOS Big Sue, the only uninstaller can work.

20-07-10 16:09:07

Amazing uninstaller

by Jefffery

Amazing application, the interface, features, so perfect. Just recommend to anyone who needs a Mac uninstaller.

20-04-29 20:30:25

Great app

by Jusan

Thanks a lot, greay uninstaller.

19-11-18 15:59:28

Love this tool

by Thomas Kanstanting

Thanks so much, very easy to use and powerful uninstaller, the best, it is free.

19-11-03 18:36:23

Works well

by Malalo

After installing macOS Catalina, it works well, just remove all non-useful applications and get rid of all related junk data.

19-09-24 13:36:47


by Nino

I have been using this uninstaller for a long time and was very happy with it.

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