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18-10-11 16:27:17

Free uninstaller

by Sinia

actually, best of free uninstaller, thanks

18-08-06 18:13:30

Free uninstaller


thanks so much! your software is easy and useful

18-03-13 12:45:14

I love it


I love this app, thanks a lot.

18-01-07 21:21:13

free uninsraller

by Herman

Thanks guys, your free uninstaller is very easy and useful. 5 stars!

17-11-22 17:22:29

Smart uninstaller


Magoshare uninstaller is pretty simple to use. Easily uninstall programs and remove junk files. Highly recommended.

17-10-03 12:30:34

PC Uninstaller

by Dunic

I install Magoshare uninstaller on my PC, it works great. Thanks a lot.

17-10-02 17:12:23

Works well

by Justin

I have been using Magoshare Uninstaler for 4 days. So far it works great. I will keep it on my computer.

17-10-01 22:43:33

Its free

by Muham mus

This uninstaler is complete free and it has more powerful ability than other paid uninstallers.

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