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24-01-12 19:57:55

great uninstaller

by Ming Lin

Thanks, I love this free uninstaller, I also have the eraser software of magoshare

23-01-24 17:00:53

free uninstaller

by Yo Niska

a great uninstaller, thanks a lot

21-07-09 11:01:50

Free uninstaller

by Shi Mi

Thank you, very easy to use uninstaller, I've been using it for 2 years.

21-02-04 14:54:32

Best windows 10 uninstaller

by Dan Jackon

After upgrading to Windows 10, many of programs become useless, thanks to this free uninstaller, I even delete some stubborn programs, and all junk data is removed from the system hard drive.

20-07-23 17:16:11

Best free uninstaller

by Daniel Brown

Amazing uninstaller, much much better than other uninstallers.

20-04-29 20:28:45

Excellent tool

by Chee Lee

I am planning to sell my PC, need a uninstaller to remove all my programs and associated files. Magoshare free uninstaller is the best uninstaller I've used. Just 1-2-3 clicks to remove all my programs. Thanks a lot.

19-11-18 15:35:22

Super great

by Kelesi

Thanks for your free uninstaller, it even is powerful than other paid uninstall programs.

19-09-24 13:38:08

Reliable uninstaller

by Willson

This is a very good app which delivers its promises at an excellent price of free. I've been using this app for years

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