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21-07-14 10:09:45

Get photos back


Just a few minutes to get my deleted photos back

21-01-20 15:29:11

fast iphone recovery tool


Three days ago, I deleted a few messages on my iPhone 11. Today, downloaded Magoshare, then run it to scan the iPhone, very quickly got my deleted messages back.

20-10-19 22:20:28

best of iphone recovery

by Harward

I tried several iPhone data recovery programs, Magoshare is one of the best which is able to restore all my deleted chat histories.

20-04-28 15:22:34

Recover photos


Thanks a lot, I have get my photos back. Your support is great.

20-01-10 19:04:47

Recover damaged data from iPad

by Henry

Can it recover lost data from a damaged iPad?

Magoshare Replies :You can run the software to scan the iPad to find lost data.

19-11-17 21:57:40


by Hull

Download to scan my old iPhone, really find my lost photos. Thanks a lot.

19-11-12 16:08:02

Very good

by Mahmond

Scan my new iPhone 11 Pro, quickly find my deleted photos, very helpful.

19-09-24 13:16:39

iPhone 11 recovery

by Carlos

Can it recover deleted photos from new iPhone 11?

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