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18-11-17 00:36:27

Recovery of iPhone X data

by Shane

My iPhone X is broken. Run iPhone data recovery to scan the iPhone X and export all my data, useful app.

18-10-11 16:10:55

Recover lost data from iPhone XS


I deleted my photos from iPhone XS. Thanks to this software, I recovered all my lost photos. Simple and quick.

18-09-09 18:05:05

great app

by Amit

My mom deleted my photos on my iPhone, thanks to Magoshare iPhone data recovery, recovered all my lost photos, great application.

18-08-06 18:01:08

Can it recover photos from iPhone X?

by Hung Lee

Can it recover deleted photos from an iPhone X?

Magoshare Replies :Yes, it can completely and easily recover deleted/lost photos and other data from iPhone X

18-08-02 19:51:15

Best data recovery software


Recover all my deleted data from iPhone 7

Magoshare Replies :Thanks so much!

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