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19-02-10 15:10:03

Erase trash bin

by Victor

This is the best software to erase Mac trash bin. I have deleted some sensitive documents on my Mac, it helped me to erase the deleted documents quickly. Highly recommended.

18-11-16 02:49:54


by ppman

I tried some apps to shred data on my Mac. AweEraser for Mac is better than others. It gives me flexible options to shred data, like erasing files, wiping hard drive, erasing free space, etc. And it also allows me to uninstall useles applications on Mac.

18-10-11 16:16:32

Sell Mac

by Dia Hung

Before selling my Mac, this software helps me remove all data permanently. Very useful and very easy-to-use.

18-09-30 21:48:16

Outstanding data eraser

by Claudi

I used this app a week ago. It is safe, quick and easy-to-use. No data can be recovered as I have tested again and again.

18-09-07 22:03:51

Great app!

by Tonio Schembri

Really good app. Wipe my damaged hard drive, format it, fix it, now I get a brand new hard drive. Thanks a lot.

18-08-06 18:09:08

Handy data erasure

by Moore

Very smart application. I can use it to erase USB flash drive, memory card and can selectively erase data. Great app.

18-03-14 10:32:18

Best Mac data shredder

by Smith

AweEraser for Mac is the best data eraser in our test. It works well with most of systems and hard drives. Recommended.

18-03-11 23:24:56

Reliable data eraser

by South

I will sell my external hard drive. Before all, I run AweEraser to erase all my private data. It works very well.

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