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23-01-24 17:09:42



Before donating my M1 Mac, AweEraser quickly wipes all data forever. Great tool.

22-12-01 13:35:55

Wipe my old Mac

by Lei AN

Before purchasing a new M2 Mac, I wanna wipe and sell my old intel Mac. This software quickly wipe all data from my old Mac. Then it also works well on my new M2 MacBook Air.

21-07-20 11:00:25

Wipe USB flash drive

by Michel Doas

Very easy to use. All dat is gone.

21-01-16 18:14:02

Great tool

by Donsky

I have three hard drives to be sold, thanks to AweEraser, quickly wipe all my private data.

20-10-05 17:02:30

Wipe Camera Card

by Kasala

Wipe my camera SD card with AweEraser, very quickly to erase all photos, then run Mac Data Recovery to scan the wiped SD card, not files are found.

20-08-28 15:38:09

Best app

by LIU ming xi

I download this app to wipe my USB flash drive, very quickly and my data is really gone forever.

20-07-15 15:43:08

Sell my computer

by Jun Kee

A pretty simple to use tool. Before I sell my laptop, it quickly wipe all my data. And it also can be used on my new PC, perfect.

20-06-19 15:19:00

Great application

by Katie

I spent so much time on cleaning up my Mac computer because I would sell it. However, even the files are emptied from the trash bin, they still can be recovered by data recovery software. My brother tole me that I needed a data erasure tool to destroy the traces. Download AweEraser, it seems great, then upgrade to the full version. Thanks god! It is so quickly remove all my deleted information, no traces left.

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