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24-01-12 20:06:33

Data Recovery

by Mao Lin

Does it recover data from M3-chip Mac? I have a M3-MacBook Pro and the disk is erased by Disk Utility, can your software recover data from it?

Magoshare Replies :Yes, it can recover lost data from M3 Mac even it is erased by Disk Utility.

24-01-12 20:05:05

mac recovery

by Monisa

I formatted an external disk, no backup. So I have installed this software on my Mac, the deep scan is great, it finds my lost files and can recover them back.

23-01-24 17:21:15

USB flash drive recovery

by Nisaka

Thanks so much! Your software saves all my work from a formatted USB flash drive.

23-01-02 14:18:16

recover my data

by Henry

A few days ago, I purchased a M2 MacBook Air, I cut all data from my backup drive to it. However, the new MacBook Air was stolen...just one more day. I lost all my documents. My friend tole me that I could recover the documents from the backup drive. Tested with Magoshare, thanks god, a good thing to me, it found all the documents. Recovered.

22-12-01 13:30:52

Works well on M2 Mac

by Andrie

I deleted lots of documents on my M2 chip MacBook Air, thanks to this tool, I got them back just for a minutes.

22-10-27 10:09:07

lose data and get it back

by Maris

I can't believe that after upgrading to macOS Ventrua, all files on the desktop is gone and can't find them in iCloud. I have to download this software to scan my Mac/M1 chip, it takes about 1 hour to complete the scan, then find the lost documents.

22-04-07 15:10:57

data recovery

by Toyata

Thanks so much! I follow your guide to recover my formatted memory card, works, all my images are back.

21-07-24 20:00:56


by Conrad

Magi share is crap software. It takes a long time to run, uses only one core, takes more than a day, found 9 TB of files when I scanned for at most 2.74TB. Worst it froze up after finding all these impossible files. I can assume it got confused by something, but why then does it stop, hang up and freeze? I rate this software one star.

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