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21-07-20 11:08:33


by Jim Cook

After failed using other app, I downloaded Magoshare, I thought my files couldn’t be recovered any more...after a long time scan, this amazing app found my lost files. Thanks so so much.

21-07-12 16:02:07

Mac data recovery

by Joo LIN

I deleted a few documents on my iMac, thanks to this software, I got all of them back.

21-06-27 22:56:57

Useless on external drive

by Lurk

Takes hours to scan external drive. Frequently claims drive is missing and must be reconnected - while drive is connected. When the app makes this disconnect claim, it really means it can’t restore a given file. No way to skip said file, must abort process, uncheck defective file, restart. I saved the scan, but the app is unable to import it, so forced to start over with a new scan for hours. Cannot recommend.

Magoshare Replies :Hi, Make sure your USB port is good.

21-02-04 17:40:45

backup crash recovered

by Alesander

my backups drive crashed just as I was migrating from my old to my new computer. So my encrypted time machine backups were lost. However, I'm really happy magoshare recovery is finding them back. thx!

21-01-15 16:24:33

Data recovery

by Kevin

Amazing data recovery application! I formatted a USB flash drive a few months ago and thought the data was gone forever, downloaded Magoshare, it found all my documents, thank you!

20-11-06 15:29:14


by Kannie

Tried the 4.3 version, I just needed to restore 2-3 Word files, this software found the files and recovered them for free. Thanks a lot. All the recovered files are opended correctly.

20-10-08 16:36:48

Recovery my data

by Luris

Thanks so much! I can't believe that it can recover my deleted documents, really appreciate it.

20-07-23 17:10:47

Nice tool

by Jargen

My documents lost due to reinstalling macOS, thanks to this tool, the documents are recovered, very easy to use tool.

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