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21-07-14 09:52:03

M1 Mac data recovery

by Dear Trujj

It scanned my disk and find the deleted Word file I want to recover, thanks.

20-09-23 17:41:04

not bad

by Sara Freem

Download it for formatted recovery from a hard drive, takes a long time to complete the scan. Fortunately, the lost files are found.

20-07-15 16:14:31

Great app

by Keten

Just try it, lots of tools, very simple.

20-04-26 17:38:44

Mac data recovery

by Tatana

Install it on my new MacBook. Very simple to use. I lose a file on an USB flash drive, and after a scan, the file is back.

20-01-10 19:03:24

4.0 version

by Lily

Upgrade 4.0 version, seems great, quickly find my deleted files on an external hard drive.

19-11-13 22:15:14

data recovery

by john winchester

Just purchased a license code, today, run it to scan my formatted hard drive, find most of my documents, great.

19-09-24 13:10:28

Recover my data

by Hohn Da

I lost my data three days ago due to formatting my disk drive. Just download this data recovery software, it scans the disk drive, then recovers my data. Very helpful.

19-07-25 21:03:43

Mojave data recovery

by Victor

Very quickly find lost files on Mojave.

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