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21-07-20 10:57:27

SSD clone

by Tina HE

I am trying to clone my SSD to an external hard drive, it is working great.

21-02-04 14:57:15

Clone SSD

by Ali Sana

Well, download and clone a SSD, works great.

20-09-04 22:41:46

Copy disk

by Sandi

Is it possible to copy a HDD to SSD?

Magoshare Replies :Yes, very easily clone HDD to SSD.

20-05-01 10:23:01

very easy to use

by Kell

Very simple to use.

19-11-12 18:58:40

macOS Catalina

by Jue

Can it work in macOS Catalina?

Magoshare Replies :Yes, it is fully compatible with macOS Catalina.

19-09-24 13:55:36

Just perfect

by Lixus Mao

Just OUTSTANDING! Performance and support are unequaled.

19-07-25 22:56:41

For disk clone

by Kelly

Excellent tool for disk clone, works well on my Mac Pro.

19-05-05 17:42:06

Works great

by Jesie

Excellent tool. We like to migrate data from old Macs, AweClone for MAC really gives the help.

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