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19-05-03 01:53:20

Erase my data

by Kevein J

Can it erase data from my external hard drive?

Magoshare Replies :Yes, it can.

19-02-20 16:28:10


by Lanie

I download it for wiping a hard drive on my PC, it works well, fast and secure.

19-02-10 15:07:24


by Larei

Thanks, it works well on my computer. After erasure, the data is gone forever. I downloaded a data recovery software to test the result, no files found.

18-11-16 02:46:10

Love it

by Loris

For me, it is simple and it is high speed of data erasure. Great.

18-10-11 16:15:17

Outstanding data eraser


No doubt that AweEraser is the best data eraser. I am sure every computer user would need to permanently erase data. This is a good one for shredding data.

18-09-07 22:02:07

Easy to use

by Kotata

I have tried a few data erasure programs. AweEraser is the best one, it is simple to use and efficient for wiping hard drive data.

18-08-06 18:07:03

Best data eraser, I love it

by Eugene

What an excellent service. Also: i love your product, i've tried many solutions but AweEraser is simply the best for me.

18-03-13 10:26:19

Erase hard drive

by Horis

You will never regret purchasing this software. Best tool to erase hard drive.

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