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24-01-12 20:21:45

erase my SSD

by Junina

I will give my external SSD to my friend, but want to secure erase the videos and image stored on it. Thanks to AweeRASER, quickly wipe the SSD, erase all data.

23-01-24 17:07:45

Great data eraser

by Michel

I choose the 35 passes to wipe my hard drive clean. All data is gone forever.

23-01-22 14:57:06

wipe SSD

by Andrie2023

I will sell an SSD, and wanna know if your software can wipe SSD without any physical damage?

22-10-27 10:11:29

wipe partition

by Koll Link

I erase 11 partitions on my Windows 11 PC, the files are really gone after testing with a data recovery program.

22-05-11 13:41:50

create bootable disk

by Anlilis

I wanna make a bootable backup of my macOS Monterey, most of apps don't work, only this one can help you create a bootable disk.

22-04-07 15:23:31

data erasure

by Jerli

I got an old external hard drive and want to wipe all data from it. AweEraser erases all the data and traces.

21-07-10 16:07:41

Erase deleted files

by Robert Gerts

Before I sell my digital camera, this software helps me securely wipe all deleted images and videos, great tool.

21-01-04 16:02:49

Erase my data

by Shen Chen

The data is really gone forever, test with three data recovery program, no data is found.

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