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20-01-10 17:50:28

great data eraser

by Lori

Just download the 4.0 version, great!

19-12-27 23:09:08


by markw

seems fine so far - but is it really effective for SSD's as advertised? i've been advised that you can't effectively shred files on SSD's in this manner, and it's bad for the disk to try. can you confirm SSD facts?

Magoshare Replies :Yes, it is 100% safe for SSD.

19-11-03 18:18:03

wipe hard drive

by Desmond

I have an old hard drive, will be disposed. Thanks aweeraser, the program just securely wipe it and all data is gone. Highly recommended.

19-09-24 13:21:02

Erase hard drive

by Dana

Easy to use, very easy to wipe a hard drive.

19-07-25 22:29:59

Erase data


I am going to sell my old computer, with AweEraser, the data is permanently erased, keep my mind in safe.

19-07-01 23:45:04

Erase deleted data

by Hans

Great tool to permanently erase already deleted data. Upon my test, the deleted data is lost forever after erasure.

19-06-26 13:00:41

permanently delete files

by kett

I want to permanently delete some files from my own computer, this data eraser is much easier to use and very quickly delete my files. I test with data recovery utility, no data can be recovered, i think the files are lost forever.

19-05-03 01:53:20

Erase my data

by Kevein J

Can it erase data from my external hard drive?

Magoshare Replies :Yes, it can.

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