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23-01-24 17:07:45

Great data eraser

by Michel

I choose the 35 passes to wipe my hard drive clean. All data is gone forever.

23-01-22 14:57:06

wipe SSD

by Andrie2023

I will sell an SSD, and wanna know if your software can wipe SSD without any physical damage?

22-10-27 10:11:29

wipe partition

by Koll Link

I erase 11 partitions on my Windows 11 PC, the files are really gone after testing with a data recovery program.

22-05-11 13:41:50

create bootable disk

by Anlilis

I wanna make a bootable backup of my macOS Monterey, most of apps don't work, only this one can help you create a bootable disk.

22-04-07 15:23:31

data erasure

by Jerli

I got an old external hard drive and want to wipe all data from it. AweEraser erases all the data and traces.

21-07-10 16:07:41

Erase deleted files

by Robert Gerts

Before I sell my digital camera, this software helps me securely wipe all deleted images and videos, great tool.

21-01-04 16:02:49

Erase my data

by Shen Chen

The data is really gone forever, test with three data recovery program, no data is found.

20-12-31 21:07:13

I doubt the sincerity of this program

by nozaionism

Hi Full review of the program Maybe another day, but a strange point that I deleted a folder of about 2 GB with the algorithm 7 times, it took about 7 seconds, I tried the same folder with the algorithm 35 times, again the same 7 seconds! Logic does not accept it.

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