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21-02-07 16:39:04

Great tool

by Mary

Thank you. I formatted my hard drive a few days ago, your software was amazing, quickly found all my documents, thank you.

20-07-23 17:08:12

Recover partition

by Sani

Thank you. my partition is back.

20-04-26 17:35:59

Easy data recovery

by Sunny Chen

Very easy to use for newbies, recommended.

20-01-10 18:56:26

Hard drive recovery

by BJD Company

Highly recommended. Have been using Magoshare for years, works great, and can be used on all our PCs.

19-11-12 16:06:15

Recover my partition

by Mary Jenson

A disk partition was deleted a few days ago. Just download Magoshare Data Recovery since we have a enterprise license, it quickly finds the lost partition and recovers my data.

19-09-24 13:06:36

Server recovery

by Nino

Works well on my Server hard drive.

19-07-25 20:57:53

Very easy to use

by chris mao

Wizard-based interface, great design. I think all the users can use it for data recovery.

19-07-01 23:24:18

hard drive data recovery

by Kenny

I formatted a hard drive one year ago, I thought no data could be recovered. I just downloaded this software purchased by our company. It scans the old hard drive and finds most of my lost files which i want to recover. Great hard drive data recovery software.

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