How to Erase All Data from Macbook Air?



updated on 2018-01-02 to Mac Data Erasure

"Hello! I am planning to sell my MacBook Air. How to permanently erase my data on the MacBook Air before I sell it? I know data recovery software can easily recover deleted or formatted data from MacBook Air hard drive. How to avoid this? I mean, permanently erase my data." - Bogdan

So you came to visit this article to find out how to erase all data from MacBook Air. Maybe you just purchased a new MacBook Pro and you want to give your old Macbook Air to your brother/sister, or maybe you want to sell it because you need money.

erase all data from MacBook Air

Well, it doesn't matter what your reason is, but what really matters is: Whenever you want to give or sell your Macbook Air, you MUST erase all the data on the hard drive permanently.

Remember, it's "erase" not "delete." Didn't know the difference between erase and delete? It is actually pretty simple. The difference is that erasing will wipe all your data and make it gone forever, while on the other hands, deleting will remove the data from your MacBook but you can recover the data again later.

See? It's totally different. So now I guess you get a better understanding why I said you must erase all the data on your MacBook before you give it to someone or sell it. Enough talking. Let's back to the business. On this article, I'll show you a quick and easy-to-follow method to erase all the data on your MacBook Air permanently. Yes, it's permanent. So you better think again before you're following the method I'll share below.

1. Download Macbook Air data eraser

AweEraser for Mac is a powerful data eraser. It can help you permanently erase data from Macbook Air or other Mac computers. It performs 100% safe data erasure. In order to permanently erase data from Macbook Air, AweEraser for Mac will reformat the hard drive first and overwrite the disk space to avoid data recovery. Just download it here:

2. Three modes to erase data from Macbook Air

AweEraser for Mac offers three options for you to easily and permannetly erase data from Macbook Air. Just see the introduction below.

Mode 1: permanently erase files/folders from Macbook Air.

This mode allows to permanently erase unlimited files/folders from your Macbook Air. Just select the files/folders you wan to erase, then click on "Erase" button. This mode will help you securely and permanently erase the selectd files/folders from the Macbook Air.

erase all data from MacBook Air

Mode 2: wipe hard drive on Macbook Air.

The mode 2 can help you wipe entire hard drive to erase all data on the hard drive. Just select the targeted hard drive and erase it with AweEraser for Mac. All data information on the hard drive will be permanently erased.

erase all data from MacBook Air

This mode can't erase the hard drive on which the system is installed. If you want to permanently erase system hard drive, just use the mode 3.

Mode 3: erase free disk space of the Macbook Air.

If you want to erase system hard drive, just delete all your data, empty the trash bin. Then run this mode to erase the free disk space of the system hard drive to permanently erase the already deleted/lost data on the hard drive. It will not destroy the Mac OS.

erase all data from MacBook Air

Once the data on the Macbook Air is erased by AweEraser for Mac, the data is lost forever, can't be recovered by data recovery software or other method.