How to Format Hard Drive on Mac?



updated on 2017-07-12 to Mac Optimization Solutions

Format hard drive with disk utility

We probably do not know how to format a hard drive or external hard drive on our Mac. We must recognize that the process is simple, but it is not the same as in Windows, where you just right click on the drive and select "Format". To achieve the same in Mac OS we will have to do it using the Utility Disk utility that is available in the folder "Utilities" which in turn is inside the "Applications" folder.

In just 5 simple steps we can format the hard disk of our Mac without any inconvenience and in a very practical way, everyone at home can do this process themselves without having to go to a technician and pay money for this work.

  1. We open the Disk Utility located in the Applications / Utilities path. We can also open it from the Launchpad and enter the Other folder or by opening the Spotlight and starting to type its name until it appears and we can see it.
  2. In the Disk Utility, we select the hard drive that we want to format carefully not to select any other hard drive that we could have connected to the Mac at that time.
  3. Then click "Erase".
  4. We choose the type of format that we want.
  5. Finally, click on "Erase" again.

The disks will be formatted quite fast and those that are larger will take longer than those with less GB. The result will be a file system compatible with all versions of Mac OS X, Win 95, 98, XP, Vista, 7 and even Win 8. This process is recommended for USB or external disks, which can be used independently of the system Operating in which we are working.

Something important is that we should not forget to back up all your files, documents, photos, songs before formatting the disk, remember that this is a way to leave your Mac in factory mode, that is, as new. Because all the information on the hard drive is going to be deleted, it is vital that you back up the data you are planning to transfer to your new Mac operation. The formatting process will help you review which documents, photos, videos, songs or applications are useful to you.

The best thing is that the files you plan to save copies to an external hard drive and do not transfer them back to your machine unless they will have a real use. In the case of applications, it is advisable to re-download and if they are programs with cost you must restore your purchases so that you do not have to pay for the software again.

Once you have backed up your information and are sure that you want to restore the system (because in this process there are no second chances) you will have to restart your computer. You should navigate to options, select the Manzanita and restart your Mac.

Once the restart process begins, the screen of your Mac will be turned off and the moment a gray screen appears (before it reaches the access window) you must press the CMD or Command key plus the letter R. That is CMD + R so that the whole process is carried out.

Format hard drive with AweCleaner

AweCleaner is the comprehensive Mac cleaning software. It offers easy format option to help Mac users to format a hard drive or external device under Mac OS. You just need to run AweCleaner on your Mac, click "Disk Manager", and select the hard drive to format. It is very simple and quick.

format hard drive on Mac