Thoroughly Uninstall Mac Applications and Clean up Leftovers

Installing an application is easy – you just need to drag the app icon to the Application box. But removing an application from your Mac is not an easy thing. When you delete an application to trash, some leftovers like logs, caches, register files are still on your Mac hard drive and take up precious disk space. How to completely uninstall applications, programs or software on your Mac? Don’t worry, in this article, you can learn an easy way to uninstall Mac applications and clean up all leftovers by 1 click.

The most powerful Mac uninstaller – AweCleaner for Mac

Mac uninstaller is the best tool for thoroughly uninstalling applications on Mac. AweCleaner for Mac is one of the best Mac uninstallers. If you want to easily and completely uninstall applications under Mac OS, just download and install AweCleaner for Mac on your Mac.

AweCleaner can help you quickly uninstall Mac applications and clean up all leftovers. It can:

  • Uninstall App Store applications or applications you download from third-party websites.
  • Uninstall plug-ins, widgets, etc.
  • Uninstall crashed, virus-infected applications.
  • Clean up all leftovers.
  • Uninstall applications one by one or in batches.

The steps are very easy.

Step 1: Launch AweCleaner for Mac on your Mac.

Step 2: Click “Uninstaller”, select the applications you want to uninstall. Click on “Uninstall” button to uninstall selected applications, and AweCleaner for Mac will clean up all associated files.

how to uninstall applications and remove all leftovers on Mac

AweCleaner for Mac is the reliable tool to quickly uninstall Mac applications and remove all leftovers. It also can help you clean up Mac junk, shred Mac data, manage disk drives, find/remove duplicate files, etc. Just free download it.

Posted by Anna, 2017-07-12