Permanently Delete Photos from Canon Digital Camera



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"Hi, I am planning to sell my Canon digital camera. Before selling it, I want to permanently erase private videos/images on the Canon digital camera. But, after I format the memory card, data recovery software still can recover the deleted photos/videos from the Canon digital camera. Is there any way to permanently erase photos/videos from Canon digital camera?"

Permanently Delete Photos from Canon Digital Camera

Are you planning to delete photos from Canon digital camera in a permanent way? Well, you can easily do it using a powerful data erasure software. There are several programs people use to carry out this task, though some of them are easier to use like AweEraser. This is a program targeted at permanently data deletion and it is considered as a very reliable option, since it does not damage devices after wiping them. You can delete the way you prefer, only some files or the entire hard drive. Through this guide, we will show you how to permanently erase files in a very simple way, so continue reading for more information.

How to permanently erase photos/videos from Canon digital camera?

Some people consider it is necessary to erase their photos permanently from Canon digital camera or any other device, though it might sound a bit difficult. This is not totally true; you can use a simple to use data erasure and here we will recommend using AweEraser software. But why do people decide to wipe their devices? There are diverse reasons; maybe, they will sell their device, give it to another person, or throw it away. The thing is that users often store a lot of important data on their storage devices and this could be private information, some governmental data, or work's files. Whatever the reason is, you will be able to permanently erase files using AweEraser. Just download this program; then, install and run it on the computer to get started.

AweEraser provides three different ways to permanently delete files, so you can select the most appropriate method according to your case:

Mode 1: Erase some particular data from Canon digital camera.

Once you have run AweEraser on the computer, you can begin to permanently delete files. In this first mode, just select particular photos or videos to be erased from the Canon digital camera.

Western Digital data erasure software

Mode 2: Erase all data on Canon digital camera.

This second option allows you to delete entire Canon digital camera, so all the files stored on this device will be erased permanently.

Western Digital data erasure software

Mode 3: Erase already deleted files on Canon digital camera.

Here, AweEraser can erase already deleted files on Canon digital camera and so prevent any possible data recovery. This mode can help you permanently erase already deleted files without affecting the existing files.

Western Digital data erasure software

AweEraser is a great alternative to permanently delete data from Canon digital camera without causing any damage to the device. It can be used in a very simple way and it is also reliable. You can delete different kinds of data in a permanent way, including music files, PDF files, videos, recordings, photos, images, contacts, word documents, notes, among other important data.

Before you sell, donate or give away your Canon digital camera, you can use AweEraser to permanently erase your photos, videos and other data on Canon digital camera, leaving no chance for data recovery. It is fully compatible with Windows OS and Mac OS. No data recovery software can recover erase data from Canon digital camera.

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