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Lose system folders?

“When I am cleaning up my C drive, I delete 2 Windows system folders by mistake. The 2 folders just are deleted directly, not in recycle bin. I don’t what will happen after I delete the 2 system folders. In order to protect the system, I think I should restore the two system folders. Is there any solution to get the deleted system folders back?”

When you install Windows OS or Mac OS on your computer, it will generate many system folders on your C drive or system drive. Normally, these system folders should not be deleted because they are very important to your operating system. When you delete some system folders on your computer, it may cause crash of your system or disable some functions on your computer. So, it is strongly recommended to keep your system folders in the original place. If you delete some system folders by mistake, just find right solution to restore them before the OS crashes.

Recover deleted system folders with freeware

Is there any way to completely restore deleted system folders? Yes, DIY data recovery software can help you restore original system folders on your computer. Magoshare Data Recovery freeware is one of the most powerful data recovery software. If you want to recover deleted system folders, just free download it on your computer. You can install it on another hard drive instead of installing it on your system hard drive. Then launch it on your computer to recover deleted system folders and files.

Step 1: Scan your system hard drive.

Since you delete system folders on your system hard drive like C drive, so just select the system hard drive and scan it to find deleted system folders and files.

Recover Deleted System Folders

Scanning your hard drive

Recover Deleted System Folders

Step 2: Recover deleted system folders.

When scan is complete, you can recover the deleted folders to the system hard drive.

Recover Deleted System Folders

Magoshare data recovery freeware can deeply scan your system hard drive and find the deleted system folders. It will find the original deleted folders, same folder name and path. Just save the folders to the location where you delete them.

Deleting system folders may cause damage or crash to your system. So, you’d better recover deleted system folders as soon as possible. In order to prevent the deleted folders from being overwritten by new data, please don’t save files to your system hard drive before recovery all deleted folders. Magoshare data recovery freeware is the easy yet powerful data recovery tool. When you are going to recover deleted system folders files, just launch it on your computer. Then run it to scan your system hard drive and find deleted system folders.

  • Recover deleted system folders on PC.
  • Recover deleted system folders on Mac.
  • Recover system .txt files, or other files.
  • Recover deleted system folders from inaccessible hard drive.

Magoshare data recovery freeware is comprehensive data recovery software. It can completely recover lost data from hard drive, USB flash drive, memory card, SD card, digital camera due to deletion, format, partition loss, hard drive crash, etc. Just free download it here.