How to Recover Data When Can’t Find Hard Drive Partition?



updated on 2017-09-07 to Data Recovery

“Just now I turn on my computer, but I can’t find my partition F. I store all my family photos and videos on this partition. I don’t know where the partition is and why it is lost. Is there any way to find the partition F and export all my data?” – LUIS

There are many factors can result in partition error or partition loss. For instance, after reinstallation, you may lose your hard drive partition. And in most cases, logical error or virus infection can delete or hide partition on your computer.

  • Lose partition due to reinstallation, OS upgrade, OS crash, etc.
  • Partition is deleted or lost.
  • Partition loss due to repartition, virus infection, logical error, etc.

How to restore lost partition? How to recover/export lost data from lost or hidden hard drive partition? Don’t panic, there are many ways to help you restore lost partition and recover all data. For example, partition recovery software can completely recover data from deleted or lost hard drive partition. When you can’t find hard drive partition on your computer, just download and install partition recovery software.

Can’t find partition? Here is the way to recover it.

Hard drive partition recovery software – like Magoshare Data Recovery is the most efficient tool to recover deleted or lost partition data. Just free download it here. It not only can recover partition data on Windows computer, but it also can help you recover lost partition on Mac computer.

How to use Magoshare Data Recovery to recover missing hard drive partition? How to get lost data back? Actually, it is very easy. Magoshare Data Recovery is pretty simple to use. You can easily recover all your data with Magoshare Data Recovery when you can’t find a partition on your computer. Here are the main steps:

Step 1: Download and install Magoshare Data Recovery.

Just download and install Magoshare Data Recovery on your computer. Then run it on your computer, it will list all the existing hard drive partitions and lost hard drive partitions on your computer.

How to Recover Data When Can’t Find Hard Drive Partition?

Step 2: Scan lost hard drive partition.

You will see all the lost partitions on the interface, select the hard drive you’ve lost and click on “Scan” button to scan the lost hard drive partition. Magoshare Data Recovery will deeply scan the lost hard drive partition and find all your data.

How to Recover Data When Can’t Find Hard Drive Partition?

Step 3: Recover your data.

When scan is complete, you can preview and recover all your lost data. It supports to recover all types of data including photos, emails, videos, documents, audio files, archives, etc.

How to Recover Data When Can’t Find Hard Drive Partition?

Magoshare Data Recovery is the easy tool to recover lost data when you can’t find your hard drive partition on your computer. It is one of the most powerful data recovery software which can restore lost partition on PC or Mac. Just run it on your computer, it can easily find lost partition and can scan it to recover all lost data. Magoshare Data Recovery also can help you export data from an inaccessible or corrupted hard drive partition.