Best Way to Recover Deleted Folders on Mac



updated on 2017-08-01 to Deleted File Recovery Solutions

"Hi, I deleted lots of folders from my Mac Documents folder. The deleted folders contain my important documents and files, is it possible to get them back? The trash bin has been emptied by cleaning software. How can recover the deleted folders on my Mac?" - James

When you delete 1 or 2 folders on your Mac, you may lose all your important documents related with your work, study. So, you have solutions at hand to get deleted folders back when you delete some important folders by mistake. For instance, you may delete the entire folder by botch when you need to expel just a solitary file. It some of the time implies you will lose years' most loved accumulations for good.

Truth be told, issue like that could transpire startlingly. So you would do well to getting the hang of something about data misfortune and recuperation. To start with, when you erasing your data from your Mac PC, the framework shrouded the erased organizer and check the space as free. Before the disk space of the deleted folders is overwritten by new data, you can easily recover all of them with deleted folder recovery software for Mac.

Easy steps to recover deleted folders on Mac

Before perform deleted folder recovery on your Mac, you need to download and install data recovery software on your Mac. Here, Magoshare Data Recovery for Mac is by all accounts a decent one. It can help you easily recover deleted folders on Mac. Let's see how it works!

Step 1: Select hard drive and scan it.

Where you delete your Mac folders? Just select the right hard drive and click on "Scan" button to search the selected hard drive to find lost folders.

Best Way to Recover Deleted Folders on Mac

Step 2: Preview and recover deleted folders.

When the scan process gets finished, you can preview and recover the deleted folders. The recoverable files will be listed in three styles: File type, Path and Time. You can click Path to see your folders that were deleted from your Mac. When you find the folders you want to recover, just select them and click Recover Now button to save the folders to your Mac.

Best Way to Recover Deleted Folders on Mac

Magoshare Data Recovery for Mac can completely recover all deleted folders by deeply scanning the Mac hard drive. It also can recover deleted folders from USB flash drive, external hard drive, SD card, etc. However, before recovery all deleted folders on your Mac, please don't put new files to the hard drive where you lose the folders , in case that the deleted folders would be overwritten by new files.

When you realize you have deleted useful folders, just immediately download and install Magoshare Data Recovery for Mac on your Mac. Then run it to scan your Mac hard drive to get deleted folders back. This is the best way to recover deleted folders on Mac.