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19-03-19 18:37:06

Recovery my hard drive

by Jackson

I have an old hard disk drive and can't be recognized by my new computer. I tried AweClone, it could recognize this hard drive, I clone it to my local hard drive. All my files are recovered to the local hard drive. Thats so good.

19-02-20 16:49:21

Excellent disk copy tool

by Fustis

I want to copy my hard drive from my old PC to a new PC, this software works great, it completely copy my hard drive to my new PC and can save a backup of my data.

19-02-10 14:56:09

Clone hard disk drive quickly

by Peter Shredis

I have an old hard disk drive and will sell it. With AweClone, so I can clone it completely to a new hard disk drive with all data. It is fast and safe.

19-01-15 18:51:37

Very simple to use

by Meling

Get an old hard drive but not work, with AweClone, I just move all contents from the old hard drive to a new one. Quick.

18-11-17 00:39:02

Clone HDD

by noris

I have an old hard disk drive. With AweClone, I quickly clone all the data to a new computer.

18-10-27 17:47:16


by Tes ter

You state ? Best Hard Disk Drive Cloning Software Have you tested all Hard Disk Drive Cloning Software on the market and where do we find the results fot these tests

18-10-16 14:31:54


by Koris

very easy to use cloner

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