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21-07-19 14:54:23

disk copy

by Tina

I like the interface which makes this program be simple and quick.

21-02-04 15:22:07

Very fast

by Amliz

Very easy to clone my hard disk to another one. Very fast!

20-11-01 20:41:42

cannot select system hard drive

by Ayman

Dear Sir, With Aweclone, I managed successfully to clone my old laptop to an external HD. Now I tried several times to clone the same external to a new laptop but it always says "Cannot select system hard drive". Please advise.

20-09-17 16:57:11

WD clone

by Kang Wang

Just clone my laptop partition to a WD portable SSD, very fast and all data is cloned.

20-07-23 17:26:09

SSD clone

by Kele

Try to clone a SSD with this software, works perfectly.

20-07-23 17:13:33

SSD clone

by Darcy

Can I clone my SSD to an external hard drive with your tool?

Magoshare Replies :Yes, it can easily clone your SSD to any other hard disk drive.

20-04-30 18:10:24

Top disk clone software

by Luris

It's a good tool when cloning hard drive.

19-12-20 16:29:44

easy clone

by lari

Very simple to use, nice tool.

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