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24-01-12 19:48:20

disk clone

by Monica

I downloaded this software to clone my laptop to an Seagate external SSD. It seems simple to use. Just select the source and destination, then clone is completed. A good clone program.

23-01-24 17:05:35

clone hard drive


Fast tool, clone HDD to SSD

22-05-11 15:08:28

create bootable Windows 11 clone

by Malina

Simple to clone my Windows 11 to a WD external hard drive and it can be bootable on another PC. Great tool.

22-05-10 04:12:52

Aweclone v2.7

by drb

Too bad they don't have zero stars because not only does their software not work (upon starting it I get: FAILED TO FIND PARTITION OR DISK error) they don't reply to email questions. STAY AWAY AND GET AOMEI, EASEUS or MACRIUM REFLECT!

Magoshare Replies :Hi, I have updated the new version to you.

21-11-25 18:43:32


by Vaso

Dear Sirs, Can I clone SSD to SSD M.2. Your promt answer will be highy appreciated. WBR, Mr,Vaso Menzalin

21-11-07 13:51:55

Failed to open partition or disk

by djeannot

The program does not register or detect any disk at all. I may have to uninstall.

21-11-07 05:28:40

failed to open sourcedisk

by jnmonn

after installed window with message "failed to open sourcedisk" displayed ;.. not possible to use the software free version 2.6 with GAOTD

21-07-19 14:54:23

disk copy

by Tina

I like the interface which makes this program be simple and quick.

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