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19-11-13 17:09:50

Clone hard drive

by Martin

Is it possible to clone the local disk drive to a portable hard drive on MacBook?

Magoshare Replies :Yes, you can copy all data from the local disk to the portable hard drive or just create a disk image of the local disk and save it to the portable hard drive.

19-09-24 13:51:22

Best disk cloner

by Rolad

Best disk cloner I've ever used.

19-07-25 22:52:55

Disk image tool


Very easy to create a disk image of my portable hard drive. I can access to the data on any Mac computer.

19-07-01 23:43:14

clone SSD


very fast to clone SSD to a HDD on my Mac

19-03-19 18:33:34

Copy external hard drive

by Lorius

Good tool to clone external hard drive.

19-02-20 16:29:40

Quick way to backup Mac data

by Jerry

Very useful if you want to backup Mac data to an external hard disk.

19-02-10 14:58:10

Good for backup of Mac system hard drive

by Marcus

There are more than 100GB data on my iMac. I have to delete some of the files. I am using AweClone to clone it to a external hard drive to backup my data before deletion. Works well.

19-01-15 18:50:08

Clone my hard disk

by Capitan

Can it clone a 1TB hard disk to a 100GB hard disk?

Magoshare Replies :You can selectively copy files from the 1TB hard drive to the smaller one.

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