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24-01-12 20:28:16

disk clone for macOS Sonoma

by Jason

The 3.8 version failed to create a bootable clone for macOS Sonoma. Frank told me to tried the 4.0 version. Great, it cloned the disk and made a bootable clone without issue.

23-01-24 17:04:30

M2 Mac

by Shery

I try to make a backup of my M2-chip Mac, but ccc not support M2chip Mac. I download AweClone, it works great, quickly make a backup of my Mac.

23-01-03 14:19:56

clone mac startup disk

by John

I got a license key from Bundlehunt, this disk cloning app is pretty simple to use. I have a Mac and wanna make a bootable backup, it meet my needs.

22-12-01 13:58:03

Can it clone drive on M2 mac?

by Anlina

I want to know if this software could clone HDD or SSD on new M2 chip Mac?

Magoshare Replies :Yes, both M2 Mac and M1 Mac are supported.

22-05-12 16:18:13

os clone

by Jenus

Actually, I am not a computer tech pro. This software is very easy to use. I just wanna clone my Mac to an Seagate disk and wanna it be bootable. The OS clone mode just completed the task and very easy.

22-04-07 15:14:18

disk clone

by Yumia

Very easy to use, and save my time.

21-10-26 08:36:20


by PJH

Trial doesn't work without buying it! That is not a trial. Emailed support never heard back.

21-10-24 14:25:36

Free Trial

by pjh

Only if you pay for it. Hows that a free trial?

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