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23-01-24 17:08:48

wipe lots of hard drives

by Shin Lee

We have been using it for 5 years, great data erasure tool.

21-07-10 16:14:35

Great tool

by Job Kits

Thank you, great tool, we have many computers and will be sold, this software is perfect for us.

21-01-16 18:23:25

Great data erasure tool

by Mar Lei

I have been using this tool for 2 years, it works great on all my computers.

20-07-15 16:07:12

Data shredder

by Reche

Download and install it on our PCs, very easy to use.

19-09-24 13:27:56

damaged hard drive erase

by John West

I have a damaged hard drive, just run aweeraser to format it, fixed all errors.

19-07-25 22:30:58

Powerful data eraser

by IAN

The most comprehensive data eraser on the market.

19-07-01 23:49:30

Best data erasure for company


We have been using this software for 1 year. It works well on all our computers. Safe and easy to use data erasure software for company.

19-05-03 15:27:10

Cool tool

by Kenjemin

We have 10 PCs to be sold. With this software, the data are securely removed. We strongly recommend this software to anyone who wants to destroy data.

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