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23-01-24 17:19:21



Can it recover data from a formatted CF card?

Magoshare Replies :Yes, it can recover data from a fomatted device such as a CF card.

23-01-02 14:07:09

my files are back

by Aiguo Chen

My wife formatted my USB flash drive and erased all my documents. Download Magoshare, it helps to find all the deleted files. Thanks a lot.

22-10-27 10:06:31

Windows 11 recovery

by MIKA2022

I formatted my drive F on my Windows 11 becuas it was not accessed. After format, I lose all my documents. Thanks to magoshare, it scans the drive and find my lost files.

22-06-14 22:25:32


by yyyyyyy

very slow & when stopped process cannot checklist for recover

Magoshare Replies :Hi, It depends on the situation of your disk. When you stop the scanning, you can preview and recover the files.

21-09-15 16:32:00


by Naa Lee

I can't see my external disk on my PC, thanks to this software, it find the disk and help me export all data from the external disk to my PC. Great tool.

21-07-02 13:56:54

File recovery

by Jan Keys

I formatted my partition without copying files to another partition, thanks to Magoshare, the deep scan found my lost files. Very easy to use.

21-02-16 15:18:42

Just thank you

by Peter Fleming

Great tool, I got a file very very important to me, thank you.

21-01-16 20:35:17

Recover word documents

by Ran Bi

Just a few minutes ago, it found my deleted Word documents, great..

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