How to Clone a Small Hard Drive to A Larger Hard Drive?



updated on 2019-02-18 to Disk Clone Solution

There are several reasons to think about hard drive cloning and one of these reasons is using a larger hard drive. When there is low space in the computer's hard drive, it shows a warning message, so it is important to take it into consideration. When it happens, people usually look for alternatives like erasing less important data or files, but this process can be very long and stressful as well, so cloning such data from this small hard drive to a larger one could be a great solution. In this moment, we have to decide how to do it and some doubts possibly come to our minds; one of these doubts is about the software or method we will use to copy or clone our information. To help you deal with this situation, we will introduce a great cloning software known as AweClone.

How to use AweClone to clone a small hard drive to a larger hard drive?

Before using AweClone software, it is normal people need to know some information about this program. Here, we will provide some of its characteristics to help you trust it. Among its features we can mention the following ones:

  • It is useful to copy files, photos, images, videos, applications, programs, etc. protecting such data and avoiding information loss.
  • It is very easy to use. We only have to download and install it on the computer. Once it is installed on the PC, we have to run it and start using it.
  • Using AweClone, we can copy information from local hard drive, external or any hard drive partitions. Also, the target hard drive can be a local hard drive disk, another partition or even an external device. It means, we can copy data from an external device to our computer or vice versa.
  • This cloning software is very recommended by users, so it is trustful, useful and also simple to use.

If we want to clone a small hard drive to a larger one, AweClone can help us do it. Maybe, we need more space or we do not want to delete documents or files one by one, so cloning could be a great solution. We should follow the following steps:

Step 1: The first thing we have to do is choosing the source location. In case of this article, the source location is a small hard drive, so we need to choose the one we want to clone.

clone a small hard drive to a larger hard drive

Step 2: Then, we have to choose the destination hard drive. Once we have chosen the source location, we have to select the destination hard drive or device.

clone a small hard drive to a larger hard drive

Step 3: Finally, we clone the source hard drive to the target hard drive. Here, we have to click on "clone" button to begin copying the information.

clone a small hard drive to a larger hard drive

As we can notice, cloning using AweClone is very simple and we have to be sure about the source and the destination hard drive and finally wait until the process is completed.

clone a small hard drive to a larger hard drive

Check full user guide of AweClone >>

It is very simple to clone a small hard drive to a larger hard drive. You also can clone a larger hard drive to a smaller hard drive with AweClone. This disk cloning software is very easy-to-use, you can download and use it on any of your PC or Mac computer.