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SuperDuper alternative

SuperDuper is reliable and excellent disk copying software for Mac. It can help Mac users to copy boot hard drive to another hard drive partition, external device or disk image. If you want to get the full version of SuperDuper, you need to cost USD 27.95 to purchase a license code. You also have the chance to get SuperDuper license code for free or get SuperDuper alternative which is more powerful than SuperDuper.

Free Get SuperDuper License Code (Activation Code/Serial Number/Registration Code)

Yes, you may get free SuperDuper license code from giveaway sites like Giveaway-club, Giveawayoftheday, etc. And you may get a license code of SuperDuper for free if you could write a test review on your website. Otherwise you have to purchase a license code from SuperDuper website.

SuperDuper alternative – more powerful than SuperDuper

Here, we would like to introduce a SuperDuper alternative. Why? Because it is more powerful and very easy-to-use for Mac users and Windows users. SuperDuper alternative – AweClone is one of the most powerful disk cloning/copying software for both Windows OS and Mac OS. It can help you securely copy hard drive, clone disk or move data from one location to another.

  • Clone one hard drive another hard drive or storage device.
  • Copy external hard drive/USB or other device to Mac or other storage hard drive.
  • Clone HDD to SSD; Clone SSD to HDD.
  • Create disk image of your hard drive.
  • Create a bootable clone backup for Mac OS.
  • Very easy-to-use.

SuperDuper alternative is optimized for cloning SSD. So, you can use it to clone your SSD on Mac with ease.

Three disk cloning modes of SuperDuper alternative

1. Clone one hard drive to another hard drive or device.

SuperDuper alternative

2. OS Clone - create a bootable clone backup for Mac.

SuperDuper alternative

3. Create disk image backup of your hard drive to a safe location.

SuperDuper alternative

You can easily restore your data from the cloned copy of your hard drive with SuperDuper alternative. So, it is the best disk cloning/disk copying software for Mac users. And more, it also can be used on Windows PC. You can download the Windows version of SuperDuper alternative to help you clone a hard drive on PC.

Cheap SuperDuper alternative license code

If you want to purchase a license code of SuperDuper, you don't need so much money. Just USD 12.47, you can get a lifetime license code of SuperDuper alternative.

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And you can free download the SuperDuper alternative here: