How to Connect GoPro to Mac?



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GoPro cameras have become the trusty companion of adventurers on anything from thrilling excursions to deep sea explorations. It's certain that after a day of photographing magnificent sights, you'll want to upload your photos to your Mac and relive the day all over again.

Getting your GoPro working with a Mac may seem impossible initially, but it's simple. You may smoothly transport those awe-inspiring moments onto your computer screen with simple steps.

connect GoPro to Mac

Why hook up a GoPro to a Mac?

Is a Mac connection required for your GoPro? While not required, a GoPro can wirelessly send footage to the company's cloud service via WiFi. However, before deciding which films to post and share, you can edit them on your Mac. It also expands your potential avenues for dissemination. You may upload to sites like YouTube and Vimeo directly from your Mac.

Understanding Essentials: Compatibility and Need:

Verifying your GoPro model is Mac-compatible is essential before beginning the connection process. While most GoPro models are Mac-friendly, double-checking the company's compatibility list is always a good idea.

Accessories and software are also crucial components. To transfer data from your GoPro, you will need a USB-C cable. You should have loaded the most recent firmware and app versions to connect your GoPro to your Mac without hiccups.

connect GoPro to Mac

How to connect GoPro to Mac?

Video captured by a GoPro can be transferred to a Mac in a few different ways because the device records to an SD card. The memory card could be removed from the camera and read by a separate device. There's also the option of hardwiring the camera into your Mac. WiFi connectivity lets you move footage from the camera to the computer. We'll review each possibility, explain why it's a good idea, and demonstrate how to implement it.

Connect GoPro using an SD card:

The SD card method's primary advantage is how adaptable it is. The GoPro may operate normally while the SD card is connected to a Mac, allowing you to swap cards without interrupting shooting. The drawback is that modern Macs lack an SD card slot. Thus, a card reader is required. One might already be part of a dock, hub, or other add-on that you use.

But if you don't have one, you should get one. You should plug the SD card reader into your Mac and insert the GoPro's memory card. It may be mounted in the Finder so that video files can be copied directly. You might need an adapter or specialized cable if the reader has a USB-A connector, but your modern Mac only has USB-C ports.

Connect GoPro to Mac via Image Capture:

You'll need a USB-C cable to connect to the latest GoPro cameras. A USB-C to USB-A cord will work, or you can use a USB-C to USB-C cable.

Here's how to get the USB wire out of your GoPro and into your Mac.

  1. Turn on your GoPro and plug its USB cable into your Mac.
  2. A new Finder window will open. Your pictures are stored in the Image Capture, Devices, or Locations folders.
  3. Access the 100GOPRO folder in DCIM.
  4. You may quickly save photographs to your computer by dragging and dropping them.

Use Quik to link your GoPro to your Mac:

GoPro has its file viewer called Quik, similar to how macOS offers Image Capture. If you're trying to figure out how to transfer GoPro footage to a Mac, this free program will come in helpful. The procedure is simple; do as follows:

  1. Activate the GoPro Quik software on your Mac.
  2. Input your GoPro account credentials.
  3. For importing files, select that option.
  4. Select your GoPro's name from the menu bar.
  5. To import all files, choose the folder to import them from the Import To menu.

Use WiFi to connect GoPro on Mac:

In addition to USB, you can use WiFi to link your GoPro to your Mac:

  1. Download Camera Suite.
  2. Join the GoPro's WiFi network by entering its SSID into your Mac.
  3. Open Cameras Suite and locate your GoPro.
  4. Despite being liked by certain users, Camera Suite For GoPro has generally low ratings. It's possible; it's optional.
  5. After your footage has been uploaded, you can begin the editing process.


Having a GoPro and easily transferring your footage to a Mac opens up a world of possibilities for remembering and appreciating life's most breathtaking moments. You can connect your GoPro to your Mac by following these instructions and troubleshooting advice, guaranteeing that every stunning moment will be recorded and readily available for sharing or editing. Get lost in the rush of being online, and watch your adventures play out in glorious high definition on your Mac.