Apple Disk Data Erasure Solution



updated on 2019-09-13 to Mac Data Erasure

When we are disposing old Apple hard disk drive, we should permanently erase our sensitive data on the disk drive. The easiest way to delete all data on the Apple disk drive is formatting it. But, the formatted data can be easily recovered by data recovery software - such as Magoshare Data Recovery. If we should make sure our data will never be recovered by any other person, we should find a way to permanently erase data from the Apple disk drive.

Download Apple disk data erasure software

One way to consolidate the permanent and secure data erasure of our Apple disk is by using the AweEraser for Mac. This Apple disk data erasure software is able to securely and permanently erase our sensitive data from any hard disk drive under Mac OS. Now, just free download this Apple disk data erasure:

It can permanently shred files from Apple disk data erasure, wipe entire Apple disk drive, and wipe deleted data on the Apple disk drive. With advanced data erasure technology, it is able to erase selected data forever. No data recovery software can recover the erased data, because the erased data is gone permanently. Before we sell, donate or dispose Apple disk drive/digital device, we can use it to quickly and permanently erase our photos, videos, documents and all data.

Easy Apple disk data erasure solution

AweEraser for Mac is pretty simple to use. It offers three data erasure modes for erasing data from Apple disk drive or any digital device.

Mode 1: Use the file deletion section to successfully delete all data.

When you start the program you will have to start with its option to delete files this will let you select all the files on the disk to be deleted so that you can delete them safely and in full without leaving a trace.

Apple Disk Data Erasure Solution

Mode 2: Wipe entire Apple disk drive.

This option is able to wipe the entire Apple disk drive. All data on the Apple disk drive will be permanently erased.

Apple Disk Data Erasure Solution

Mode 3: Erase deleted data on Apple disk drive.

It is only a matter of performing a erase of the free disk space as we know in this space is usually stored hidden copies of the previously deleted data on the disk so it is convenient to use this additional method simply select the disk and press the Erase button.

Apple Disk Data Erasure Solution

Some Mac users may think they can use Disk Utility to permanently erase data from Apple disk drive. But, it does now works. Data recovery software also can help you quickly restore lost data which is erased by Disk Utility.

In order to permanently erase data on Apple disk drive, you need the reliable data erasure tool. AweEraser for Mac is such perfect Apple disk data erasure tool. It is strongly recommended to wipe all data on the Apple disk drive when you are going to give it to other people.

AweEraser for Mac is 100% safe data erasure software - never cause any damage to your Apple disk drive, SSD included. It also can help you erase data from USB flash drive, memory card, digital camera, portable hard drive, RAID, Mac Server, etc.