How to Format Unrecognized Camera Memory Card on Mac?



updated on 2018-01-11 to Mac Data Erasure

When you insert a camera memory card into your Mac, but your Mac can't read it or you even can't find the camera memory card on disk utility, what should you do? Actually you should do 2 things: 1 Recover lost data from the recognized camera memory card; 2. Format the unrecognized camera memory card on Mac to fix the issue or error.

1. Recover lost data from unrecognized camera card on Mac

Your Mac can't read the camera memory card, so you can't access to your photos, videos and other data inside the camera memory card. Data recovery software can recognized the unreadable camera memory card on your Mac. Here, Magoshare Data Recovery for Mac can help you recover and export data from unrecognized camera memory card under Mac OS. Just download and install Magoshare Data Recovery for Mac, it will find the unrecognized camera memory card. Then scan it to find all existing data and deleted data in the camera memory card. You can save all the files to your Mac hard drive.

format unrecognized camera memory card on Mac

2. Format the camera memory card on Mac

After recovery all your data, you can format your camera memory card to fix this "recognize issue". Actually, to solve the issue, it isn't really that hard. In fact, it could be done within a few clicks of your mouse. In short, all you need to do is erasing all the data on your camera memory card and reformat it. So the error or the virus will never be back to bother you anymore.

The fastest and easiest way to format unrecognized camera memory card on Mac is by using data erasure software – like AweEraser for Mac. It's the most reliable, fastest, and smartest software to do all kind of Data Erasure task. So the first thing you should do is downloading and installing AweEraser for Mac on your Mac.

Once you downloaded and installed the software, the software will run automatically. And you should see there are three Data Erasure options available for you. Simply click on the second option because all we're going to do is formatting the camera memory card and erasing all the data in your camera memory card.

After you clicked on the second option, you can see there is a list of available hard drive and storage media on your Mac. The camera memory card should be listed on that list. If it isn't listed there, then you may need to reconnect your camera memory card to your Mac. If it's available on the list, then simply click on your camera memory card, and then click the "Erase" button at the bottom of the screen. After you clicked the "Erase" button, the erasure process will start automatically.

format unrecognized camera memory card on Mac

Wait until the process is done. Make sure you didn't open any software or apps while the process was running because it might slow down the process. Once the process is done, the camera memory card is formatted. Then you can use the camera memory card again.