How to Securely Wipe Mac SSD?



updated on 2018-05-22 to Mac Data Erasure

Before you sell or donate your Mac computer, you should permanently wipe all data on the SSD of your Mac. But, you may worry about: if the wiped data can be recovered by data recovery software; if the wiping process will affect the service life of the Mac SSD. Yes, you want to securely wipe the Mac SSD without any physical damage. Don't worry. We will show you an easy and safe method to help you wipe SSD on Mac.

Mac SSD Disk Wiper

Mac SSD disk wiper is the best tool for wiping SSD on Mac without any damage. It offers 100% safe and efficient solution to permanently erase data from SSD under Mac OS. Here, Magoshare offers reliable Mac SSD disk wiper to help in wiping Mac SSD in any situation. The Mac SSD Disk Wiper – Magoshare AweEraser for Mac can help you:

  • Permanently erase data from SSD on Mac, and format the SSD.
  • Will never cause any physical damage, will never shorten the service life of the Mac SSD.

If you are going to wipe SSD on Mac, AweEraser for Mac is your best choice. This Mac SSD disk wiper is so easy to use that any of the Mac users can use it to quickly wipe solid state hard drive on Mac. First of all, just download it and install on your Mac.

Three modes to wipe SSD data on Mac

AweEraser for Mac offers three modes to help you wipe data from SSD under Mac OS. You can choose one of the modes to help you permanently wipe data from Mac SSD, depending on your situation.

Mode 1: Permanently delete data from Mac SSD.

This mode can help you selectively wipe files/folders from Mac SSD. Just select the files and folders, then AweEraser for Mac will help you permanently delete them. It is the best method to permanently deleted data on Mac SSD.

how to securely wipe SSD on Mac

Mode 2: Wipe entire Mac SSD.

This mode will wipe the entire Mac SSD to erase all data information on the Mac SSD. It means all existing data and history data on the Mac SSD will be permanently erased. So, please back up your important files before you wipe the entire Mac SSD.

how to securely wipe SSD on Mac

Mode 3: Wipe free disk space of Mac SSD.

The deleted/lost data is stored on the free disk space of your Mac SSD. Just try this mode to permanently wipe all deleted/lost data on Mac SSD to prevent data recovery. It will not affect the existing data on the Mac SSD.

how to securely wipe SSD on Mac

When you use Disk Utility to erase the Mac SSD, the erased data still can be recovered. Only AweEraser for Mac can permanently erase data on Mac SSD – it is equipped with military & government data erasure methods. It will never cause any damage to the Mac SSD. Just trust it.

It is strongly recommended to use AweEraser for Mac to wipe your Mac SSD before you sell, donate, give away, lend or dispose your Mac computer. AweEraser for Mac also can help you wipe USB flash drive, external hard drive, HDD, memory card, etc under Mac OS.