Recover Data with Mac Unformat Software



updated on 2018-02-24 to Mac Data Recovery Solutions

"I have an external hard drive formatted for Windows computer in my office. When I tried to connect it to my Mac, I click the reformat button without thinking. And Boom! Now all of the files, including the important data are gone. Can you help me how to fix it?" - Mandy

Did that situation just happen to you? I'm guessing it is. Because you won't come here if you aren't looking for a way to unformat your hard drive on Mac. But, you should stop worrying now. Because you'll learn the exact information you need. Moreover, being panic and can't stop worrying won't solve your problem anyway.

First, you may think it's impossible to unformat hard drive under Mac OS. Perhaps, you think that once the files have been erased by reformatting process, it'll be gone forever. That's wrong. In fact, the files are still there on your hard drive. It's invisible and waiting to be overwritten with some new files. So even it has been formatted several times, you won't lose your data as long as you don't overwrite them with some new files.

Is it gonna be difficult to recover the files? In some case, it is. Fortunately, now you can use a Mac unformat tool which can be used to unformat your hard drive and recover your files, and all you need to do is doing few simple clicks.

Download unformat software for Mac

The best Mac unformat software is Magoshare Data Recovery for Mac. We made this Mac unformat software to help people like you finding a hassle-free solution when you faced a problem where you more likely to lose your files. With this software, you don't need to hire hard drive specialist anymore. So you can save your time and your money.

Unlike other Data Recovery software, Magoshare Data Recovery for Mac is made specifically for Mac computer. And more importantly, it's perfectly suitable for all Mac OS versions. So why wait? Go download the unformat software for Mac by clicking on the button below. After that, let's talk about how to use this software to unformat your hard drive on Mac.

Recover lost data with Mac unformat software

Step 1: Select the formatted hard drive, and scan it.

After the software has been installed on your Mac, simply run the software. And you can see a list of hard drives connected to your Mac. Now choose the hard drive you want to unformat, and click "Scan" button.

Mac unformat software

Step 2: Choose all the files, and recover them all.

Once the scanning process is done, you'll see a preview of all the files you can recover. In this case, because you want to unformat the hard drive, you should choose all the files. After that, click "Recovery Now" button to start the recovery software. Note: You can also choose some important files to recover instead all of them.

Mac unformat software

With the unformat software for Mac, any user can easily and quickly unformat hard drive under Mac OS. It also supports to recover lost data from reformatted Mac hard drive, recover lost data from inaccessible hard drive under Mac OS.