How to Restore Lost Files from Reformatted Hard Drive on Mac?



updated on 2018-02-24 to Mac Data Recovery Solutions

When your hard drive – especially an external hard drive – is being inaccessible - reformatting the hard drive probably is the simplest solution to solve this issue. However, you might be forgetting that there are important files you don't want to lose. And maybe it's too late for you because the reformatting process has been running.

So now, you're looking for a solution to recover the lost data from reformatted hard drive. It could be easy if you're a Windows user. But, because you use Mac instead of Windows, it becomes a little bit harder for you. No worries! There's an ideal solution for you. Your lost data on the reformatted hard drive can be recovered by using Magoshare Data Recovery for Mac. It can:

  • Recover formatted hard drive on Mac.
  • Export all data from reformatted, erased or inaccessible hard drive under Mac OS.
  • Recover lost data from raw hard drive under Mac OS.
  • Recover lost data from Mac HDD, SSD, and external hard drive due to reformatting.

It's a software which is built to handle any Data Recovery task and more importantly, it built specifically for Mac – all Mac OS is supported. And don't worry you can use the software without being hassled by a complicated process. In fact, your lost data could be recovered within a few simple clicks.

3 steps to recover reformatted hard drive under Mac OS

Once Magoshare Data Recovery for Mac has been successfully installed on your Mac, run it from Launchpad. Then you can use it easily and completely restore lost files from reformatted hard drive under Mac OS.

Step 1: Choose the reformatted hard drive and scan for your lost data.

Once the software has been run on your Mac, you'll see a list of all the available hard drives on your Mac computer. Now, choose the reformatted hard drive. If the hard drive is an external hard drive, make sure you connect it to your Mac properly. And it should be available on the list.

recover lost data from a reformatted hard drive on Mac

Step 2: Scan the reformatted hard drive to find lost data.

After you choose the correct hard drive, click on the "Scan" button to start the scanning process.

recover lost data from a reformatted hard drive on Mac

Step 3: Preview all the lost data and start the recovery process.

After the scanning process is done, on the next screen, you can see the preview of all the files you can recover. Now, look for the lost data you want to recover. Click all of them, and click "Recover Now" button to start the recovery process. Wait and... Viola! All the data has been recovered.

recover lost data from a reformatted hard drive on Mac

For the last step, all you need to do is simply waiting until the recovery process is done. The process may take a few minutes or longer than 10 minutes. It depends on how big the size of data you want to recover. And don't try to open any software because it can make the process run slower.

That's it how to recover data from reformatted hard drive easily under Mac OS. Whether the hard drive is reformatted by Disk Utility or third-party disk formatting tool for Mac, Magoshare Data Recovery for Mac can completely restore all lost files. But, please don't put new data to the reformatted hard drive before you get all lost data back.