Best iPhone Data Recovery Software for iPhone 14



updated on 2022-10-06 to iPhone Data Recovery

If you're using a computer, cellphone, or any other device that may save data, you should always back it up. Similarly, data backup and recovery capabilities are an absolute must if you use an Android or an iPhone.

Data loss may occur for many reasons, including hardware failure, virus infection, human mistakes, etc. Still, fortunately, there is software designed specifically for the iPhone 14 that can help you recover your lost information.

Restoring your lost iMessages, SMS, contacts, notes, photos, videos, and more is a breeze using these applications. As a result, we've gathered some of the most reliable iPhone data recovery programs available today to assist you.

iPhone data recovery software for iPhone 14

The Finest iPhone Data Recovery Software for iPhone 14

Let's check out some of the top software programs that may assist you in recovering deleted files.

NO.1 Magoshare iPhone Data Recovery

Magoshare provides customers with an all-inclusive iPhone data recovery solution, allowing them to retrieve their lost information fast and effortlessly. It is possible to restore all types of lost iOS data from iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro or other iPad, iPhone devices.

Anyone may successfully retrieve files from their iPhone thanks to the tool's straightforward and intuitive user interface, which also makes it simple to access the vast extra functions offered by the program.

You can recover deleted or lost images, videos, contacts, messages, WhatsApp messages, WeChat messages, Kik messages, notes and more from iPhone 14 devices. It also offers iTunes recovery mode to help you recover lost data when your iPhone 14 gets damaged or lost.

iPhone 14 data recovery

NO.2 FoneLab

FoneLab provides several advantages, including a great balance of speed, efficiency, file compatibility, and functionality. The software could scan iPhones more quickly than any other, and it was just as good at retrieving lost information. It costs less than Dr.Fone and supports nearly as many file formats.

However, Dr.added Fone's capabilities are paid upgrades. It has a wonderful design and is very simple to use. You may fix your iPhone with the aid of FoneLab, a collection of useful applications. The program has additional functions beyond its primary function of retrieving deleted information from the device itself or an external backup (iTunes or iCloud).

iPhone data recovery software for iPhone 14

NO.3 FonePaw

FonePaw is yet another alternative with a straightforward design; it has a wonderful preview pane that brings to the fore your whole material spanning photographs, movies, notes, chat applications, and more. Select the data you need, and then press a button to restore it quickly.

A yearly license is somewhat less expensive than other alternatives available, but it's still not cheap, and there's no refund option until you pay. However, if you want to spend as little as possible to recover anything, there is a monthly payment option.

iPhone data recovery software for iPhone 14

NO.4 Leawo iOS Data Recovery

If you want to recover particular data from an iOS device such as iPhone, iPad, or iPod, then you should use Leawo iOS Data Recovery. Only six different categories of data may be recovered from an iOS device using the tool: contacts,  calendars, messages (MMS, SMS, iMessages), call history, notes, and reminders.

While twelve different types of data can be recovered via iTunes, including camera roll, photo library,  notes, contacts, messages, message attachments, voice memos, photo stream, call history, calendar, and safari bookmarks. It is possible to search for certain files or types of files using the advanced Leawo iPhone data recovery software. The user interface is straightforward and simple enough for a newcomer to understand.

iPhone data recovery software for iPhone 14

NO.5 Do Your Data Recovery for iPhone

DoYourData is a famous data recovery software developer. Do Your Data Recovery for iPhone can help you securely and quickly recover lost iOS data from iPhone 14 or other device.

iPhone data recovery software for iPhone 14

Guide: recover lost data from iPhone 14/14 Pro

How to recover lost data from iPhone 14? Don’t worry, here is the guide to help you recover deleted or lost files from iPhone 14 device.

Magoshare iPhone Data Recovery

  • Recover deleted/lost data from iPhone 14.
  • Recover 15+ types of iOS data from iPhone 14.
  • Recover lost data from iPhone 14 on Windows or macOS.

Step 1. Connect iPhone 14 to your computer, then run Magoshare iPhone Data Recovery on your computer. Select the iPhone 14.

iPhone 14 wechat recovery

Step 2. Click on Scan button, it will scan the iPhone 14 and find all lost files.

iPhone 14 wechat recovery

Step 3. Preview and recover lost files.

iPhone 14 wechat recovery

Quick Tip

If you've accidentally erased anything from your iPhone 14, try utilizing the device's built-in tools before resorting to data recovery software. Several programs, including Photos, save data temporarily, often for 30 days after removing it.

For that time period, they are readily retrievable from inside the app. Before taking any further measures, you should always verify the original app.


Any item on this list is a good choice, and because they are all attempting to do the same objective, most of them are quite similar. There's a broad variety of quality levels available, but you may check any of them out with a free download of the demo version before making a final decision.