How to Recover Deleted/Lost Kik Messages from iPhone?



updated on 2019-01-23 to iPhone Data Recovery

Summary: Is it possible to recover deleted or lost Kik Messages on iPhone? Yes, with right iPhone data recovery software, you can easily and quickly restore deleted and lost Kik Messages from iPhone with your PC or Mac.

When losing Kik messages on iPhone, there are diverse ways to recover them and through this guide, some of these options are described, but before let us explain what Kik means. Kik is an instant messaging application used on both android and iPhone. It uses Wi-Fi or a smartphone's data plan and people can register without giving a telephone number. It allows people to receive and transmit photos, videos, messages, among others. Sometimes, we can delete or lose some important information, but there is no need to be so worried because we can recover data using the iPhone backup or using this powerful software, Magoshare iPhone Data Recovery, which is very easy to use.

recover lost Kik messages on iPhone

How to recover Kik messages on iPhone?

When using your mobile phone, Kik messages, videos, photos or any other important data may be deleted by mistake or maybe lost for any other reasons, but there are several ways to recover such information. One of these options is using Magoshare iPhone Data Recovery. This can be used for Windows and Mac and it is considered as a powerful and easy tool to get lost data back. To do this, we have to follow these steps:

Step 1: Download and install Magoshare iPhone Data Recovery.

First of all, download and install Magoshare iPhone Data Recovery on your computer. Then run it on your computer.

Step 2: Connect your iPhone with the computer.

Run Magoshare iPhone Data Recovery on your computer. Then connect the iPhone with your computer. It will be quickly recognized by this software.

recover lost Kik messages on iPhone

Step 3: Scan the iPhone to find lost Kik Messages.

Click on "iPhone" button to find deleted/lost Kik Messages.

recover lost Kik messages on iPhone

Step 4: Preview and recover lost Kik Messages from iPhone.

Once the scan is completed, you can preview all Kik Messages. Then choose the wanted Kik Messages and save them.

recover lost Kik messages on iPhone

As we can notice, using Magoshare iPhone Data Recovery is quite easy to use and allows people to get relevant information without having too much trouble. As explained before, there are other ways to recover lost or deleted Kik messages. In this case, we will do it using the iTunes backups.

Here, there are some steps to carry out such activity using our iPhone:

1. First, we have to choose Kik in order to scan our device.
2. Scan and preview the Kik data from iTunes backup.
3. Finally, recover the Kik messages you want.

If we have Magoshare iPhone Data Recovery on our computer, we can also use it to get data from iTunes. First, we have to open this software on the computer containing the iTunes backups. Click the option "From iTunes" in order to see all the iTunes backups. Then, we have to scan in order to see the deleted Kik messages. After that, we have to preview and select the messages we need to recover.

recover lost Kik messages on iPhone

This powerful software can help people recover lost, damaged or deleted information and we only have to follow some simple steps as we noticed previously. This article is focused on using Magoshare iPhone Data Recovery to get lost Kik messages back, but it is also used for recovering photos, videos, WhatsApp messages, among other things.