Free Memory Card Data Recovery Software for macOS Big Sur, 100% Effective



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Memory card recovery on macOS Big Sur

Magoshare Data Recovery for Mac is a reliable data recovery software. It can recover deleted or lost data from memory card in Mac operating system, including macOS Big Sur. On this page, we will introduce this free memory card data recovery software for macOS Big Sur. Also, you can find the detail guide about how to use this software to recover memory card data.

Reasons memory card data loss

Memory card is widely used in different kinds of digital camera, camcorder, smartphone, dash cam, drone, and so on. During the use of the devices, you might experience data loss on the memory card due to multiple reasons. Here we will show you some of the cases as below.

Delete files by mistake

It’s very common that you may delete files accidentally from memory card. You would click the wrong button/option to delete files. Also, you might think the files were moved to the Mac machine and then deleted files from memory card by mistake.

Format memory card

Memory card can be formatted in the removable devices or on Mac. Format a memory card is very easy to do. Also it’s very quick to format memory card and not able to reverse the format process. After formatting a memory card, you cannot access any of the previous data on the card.

Memory card is damaged

Sometimes, you may find it’s not able to access the memory card. It’s because the memory card is damaged somehow. File system corruption, physical damage, virus infection, unsafe removing, or other unknown issues that lead to memory card corruption.

If data loss happens on your memory card, please first stop using the card and unplug it from your device. It can avoid any further changes or new data added to the memory card. In this way, it can maximize the chance of successful data recovery on memory card.

Free memory card data recovery software for macOS Big Sur

In the above data loss cases, you are able to recover the deleted/lost data from memory card. With a reliable data recovery software, it’s very easy to get the lost data back in macOS Big Sur. We suggest you download and try the free memory card data recovery software - Magoshare Data Recovery for Mac (recover 200MB files for free).

Why choose this data recovery software? It’s very effective to recover lost data from the memory card. It can recover deleted/lost data successfully in most data loss cases if the lost data was not further damaged. In most case, it can recover the lost data with the original names and folder structures. At least, it’s able to recover the lost data in the original file formats.

The software can support different kinds of memory cards, like SD card, SDHC card, microSD card, miniSD card, MMC card, xD picture card, XQD card, CF card, etc. Also, different brands of memory card are supported, including SanDisk, Sony, Lexar, PNY, Transend, and so on.

If you lost any type of data from the memory card, you can try this software to retrieve the data. This Mac Big Sur data recovery tool supports data recovery for any types of pictures, documents, audio, videos, archive and other files.

Simple guide to recover data from memory card on macOS Big Sur

The software is very simple and easy-to-use. With only a few steps, you can recover the deleted or lost data from memory card by using this software. Here we will show you a quick user guide to follow step by step.

Step 1. Connect memory card to your Mac machine.

To recover data from the memory card, please first connect the memory card to the Mac via a card reader.

Step 2. Run the software and select the card to scan.

After installing the software to your macOS Big Sur, you can run the software from the Launchpad. Choose the memory card and click the Scan button to continue.

free memory card data recovery software for macOS Big Sur

Step 3. Scan the memory card for the lost data.

The software will scan the memory card and search for the deleted or lost files. You can even see the found files during the scan process.

free memory card data recovery software for macOS Big Sur

Step 4. Preview and recover the files.

Please check and preview the files first after the scan is completed. Once your located the wanted files, you can then choose the files to recover to another drive.

free memory card data recovery software for macOS Big Sur

Tips to keep your data safe on memory card

Here are some tips that can help you protect your memory card and also the data on the memory card. With these tips, you can keep your data safe on memory card with the best possibility.

  • 1) Please ensure to check and choose high-quality memory cards. If you get memory cards with low-quality, you may suffer card corruption and data loss with higher chance.
  • 2) Transfer data to your computer as soon as possible. If you use the memory card frequently, we suggest you move the data to your computer as backup. It can help you keep your data safe even there is issues happen on the memory card.
  • 3) Don’t touch/remove the memory card while transferring data. If you are transferring data from memory card to the Mac or other computer, please don’t remove it before the transfer is done.
  • 4) After using the card on computer, you will remove it. Before removing it from the computer, please first ensure to eject it safely. Then you can remove it from the computer.

At last, if you unfortunately lose data from your memory card, it’s important to stop using it and avoid any writing any new data to the card. Then download the data recovery software and try to recover the lost data immediately.