How to Recover Lost Data from Formatted SD Card?



updated on 2017-09-08 to Removable Device Data Recovery

It is easy to recover formatted SD card

More and more people use SD cards to store much of data, especially photos and videos. However, when you accidentally format your SD card or you get some kind of virus that obliges you to format the SD card, you probably think that you just lost all the data that you had in there. A quick search on Google will show you a lot of results and this only shows you that you're not alone. So, the first thing you need to do is to remain calm. There's no point in being stressed out no matter how important the data and documents you lost are. If you find right solution, you can easily recover lost data from a formatted SD card.

recover lost data from formatted SD card

The truth is that there isn't any operating system by itself that allows you to directly recover the data from your SD card that it was formatted. And this is just because when you format a SD card is different from when you simply delete the files. When you delete the files, these are sent to the Trash or to the Recycle Bin. However, when you format the SD Card, your computer, smart phone or camera will mark the storage space as empty. Ultimately, this is what allows you to keep using the SD card to save other files and folders.

So, if you are trying to recover the data that you lost after you formatted your SD Card, the last thing you want is to keep using it. After all, as soon as the SD card is overwritten, it will be impossible to recover the lost data.

So, how can you recover the lost data from your SD Card after formatting it?

The only solution that you have is to try out one of the many different software tools that allow you to do this. While some SD card data recovery software work only in Windows, others work in Mac OS, and there are still others that work on both. So, depending on the operating system you are using, you may have different options to recover your lost data from formatted SD card.

One of the best software on the market that you can use to recover the lost data from your formatted SD card is the Magoshare Data Recovery. With a version for Windows users and another version for Mac users, the Magoshare Data Recovery is extremely simple recovery software that you can use.

Steps to recover lost data from formatted SD card

Magoshare Data Recovery freeware offers reliable solution to recover deleted or lost data from formatted SD card. It is also very easy-to-use. This easy SD card data recovery software can easily bring data back from formatted device. You can follow the steps below to get all your lost data back after you format a SD card.

Step 1: Connect your SD card with your computer.

First of all, connect your SD card with the computer which has installed Magoshare Data Recovery. Then run the software on your computer.

Step 2: Scan your SD card.

Select your SD card, click on "Scan" button to scan your formatted SD card to find lost data.

recover lost data from formatted SD card

Step 3: Preview and recover lost files.

After scanning, you can preview and recover lost files.

recover lost data from formatted SD card

It is very easy and quick to recover lost data from formatted SD card. You just need to download Magoshare Data Recovery on your computer and run it to scan your SD card.