Top 5 MacKeeper Alternative



updated on 2017-07-12 to Mac Optimization Solutions

MacKeeper is a very outstanding Mac cleaning application. And it also offers solutions to protect your Mac computer, fix errors. Here we find best 5 alternatives to MacKeeper, some of them are cheaper and offer lifetime license code.

Top 5 MacKeeper Alternative

No.1 MacKeeper alternative - AweCleaner

AweCleaner is probably one of the best alternatives to MacKeeper for all the extensive functions it offers us for cleaning our Mac, maintaining and monitoring the health of our computer is very important for this program that can be our ally. It is very important that you help us with all of this and ensure our privacy.

Cleaning: AweCleaner presumes to incorporate an intelligent cleaning function with which you can delete files in two clicks, focusing especially on system files, old and heavy files, your collection of photos, iTunes, the mail application and the trash.

Top 5 MacKeeper Alternative

Maintenance: The application makes sure that any un-installation is executed as it should, without leaving traces or forgotten files in folders that you will never visit again.

Privacy: also guarantees the privacy of all your activities online and offline, eliminating any footprints you leave behind, eliminating Skype conversations, browsing histories, messages and downloads. Plus securely deleting sensitive files.

Other 4 MacKeeper alternatives

We have already mentioned earlier in another article to OnyX, but it is certainly that program with which you must count for its wide range of functions as their tools for cleaning and maintenance of our Mac.

We have to mention CCleaner program, a cleaning program par excellence is this platform, is a program virtually indispensable in any computer in the world, and therefore, is also a great alternative to MacKeeper in OS X. CCleaner has the functions of finding and deleting useless files, and it speeds up the system boot. It removes temporary files, empty the trash can and uninstalls programs with a single click. It offers safer browsing, eliminating cookies, deleting logs and protecting the user's anonymity. Extreme customization so the user chooses exactly what they want to delete.

MacCleanse is another alternative MacKeeper that focuses on the cleanliness of our Mac and that puts special emphasis on performing the whole process in the safest way possible so that we stay at ease with the results. Basically, what the application does is scan every corner of our computer in search of junk files and offer us a completely safe deletion mode, guaranteeing the integrity of the files with which we want to stay and proposing different degrees of elimination for total elimination and Sure that we do not want them to be available in any way on our Mac.

Another program that you can count on and has a lot of use is Cocktail which is another program with which you can clean, repair and optimize your Mac with an ideal combination of tools and small modifications of the system. In particular, it acts in five different ways in our computer, in addition to include an Auto Pilot mode, so that we do not have to worry about anything and this program solves everything without us having to do much.