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20-01-07 23:32:56

Use it everyday

by Mali

Very useful tool, use it every day.

19-12-20 16:02:00

Junk cleaning


Have been using AweCleaner for 1 year, I almost use it every day to cleanup junk files, keep my Mac in top performance, great application.

19-11-17 14:43:56

Great cache cleaner

by Maliman

Great cache cleaner, find 5GB junk data on my Mac, now it is running faster, thanks a lot.

19-11-12 16:19:27

Clean junk

by Gerti

Clean interface, works great in macOS catalina.

19-09-24 13:34:06


by Petya

I have been using this software for years, every update is great. Keep on guys.

19-09-19 23:37:44

Great cleaner and uninstaller

by Pat

Very easy to use cleaner to remove junk data, I also like the uninstaller, very simple to use.

19-08-21 22:50:54


by Chris Wong

I like the menu bar after 4.0 update.

19-07-25 21:57:32

Excellent application

by Funton

Use AweCleaner for 1 year, it is better than other cleaning software. The tools are easy and powerful, and fully compatible macOS new version.

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