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24-01-12 20:09:18

format my hard drive

by Kevin

I love the disk format tool, better than disk utility

24-01-12 19:51:14

cleaner for M2 Mac

by Jessia

I have been using AweCleaner for 3 years, and this year I get a new MacBook Pro, M2 chip. I want to install it on the new MacBook Pro. Thanks Magoshare help me reset the license key, it is working on my M2 Mac now.

23-11-22 21:03:47

Doesn't Work

by Harry

The trial version doesn't work. When I install it and try to run I get a message that "You can't open the app because it is corrupted

Magoshare Replies :Hi, AweCleaner for Mac is a 100% cleaning software. But, some antivirus software does not allow you to install any cleaner software including AweCleaner on your Mac. Just close the Antivirus software, then redownload the software, try again.

23-01-24 17:00:07

clean up junk data

by Poliii

I use it everyday, my Mac ls clean and fast

23-01-02 14:11:56

M2 Mac

by Mtina

Tes it on my mew M2 MacBook Air, it works well, quickly remove all junk data.

22-12-01 13:54:41

Easy to use tool

by Jonason

I got a new m2 macbook air, and downloaded some cleaner software, only AweCleaner worked well and was pretty simple to use.

22-04-07 15:12:53

Mac cleaner


I downloaded more than 5 Mac cleaners, this one is the best. Quickly remove junk data and also can manage disks on my new MacBook Pro.

21-07-20 10:54:41

love it

by Alex Davis

I have three Macs, one of them works slow. After using AweCleaner, it is running much faster. Thank you.

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